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ServiceNow employees use the Now Platform to create low-code, no-code solutions

The Now Platform makes it so easy to create low-code, no-code applications, that even our own employees can’t keep themselves away from it. In this video, hear directly from our Citizen Developers about how they’ve impacted their communities.

The Power of IT Automation Empowers You | Puppet Enterprise

With Puppet, the power of IT automation empowers you. Learn more at puppet.com. Too many companies use patchwork solutions for configuration management and IT automation, leading to unmanageable complexity and huge security risks. IT operators are on-call day and night to address security breaches, and toil for weeks manually provisioning servers. But no one would expect you to wash 10,000 dishes by hand – so why are IT operators expected to configure 10,000 servers manually?

Cloudsmith: The Single Source of Truth For Your Artifact Management

Say hello to Cloudsmith! Cloudsmith is the only cloud-native, global, universal artifact management platform for engineers looking to set up a secure artifact repository in 60 seconds. Cloudsmith offers support for 28+ formats, has 410+ points of presence, is ISO 27001 certified, and integrates with all of the tools you already use and love.