Rainforest QA - What's New in January 2021!

Rainforest QA shares our latest enhancements! Rainforest tests now support multi-level test embedding! Embedded tests are building blocks for tests, allowing you to build a set of test instructions that can be used over and over again. By using embedded tests, a single update populates multiple tests ensuring accuracy and lower maintenance. Rainforest QA has also added the iPad Air on iOS 14 and Safari 14 on macOS Big Sur to our supported platforms!

Webinar How to Monitor Serverless Apps - Jan 2021

The software we write does not always work as smoothly as we'd like. To know if something went wrong, find the root cause, and fix the problem, we need to monitor our system and get alerts whenever issues pop up. There are many useful tools and practices for non-serverless applications. As we adopt serverless architecture can we continue to use the same approach? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

AWS Quickstart for Calico

At Tigera, we’re excited that our two leading Kubernetes solutions, Calico and Calico Enterprise, are now available as AWS Quickstarts. Everything you need to take advantage of Calico and Calico Enterprise is installed and configured in your EKS cluster, enabling you to immediately take advantage of a full set of Kubernetes security, observability and networking features. In this fireside chat, you will learn about the value of using Calico with EKS in a Quickstart Kubernetes environment, including.

Dissecting the need for ethical AI

Until recently, topics like data ethics and ethics in AI were limited to academic circles and non-profit organizations rallying for citizen data rights. Fast forward to 2020, and the scenario is very different; AI ethics has become a mainstream topic that's a top priority for big organizations. With data collection and processing capabilities growing by the day, it's become easier than ever to train machine learning (ML) models on this collected data. However, organizations have come to realize that, without building transparency, explainability, and impartiality into their AI models, they're likely to do more harm than good to their business. This podcast will explore why ethical AI is the need of the hour, and what key factors AI leaders should consider before implementing AI in their organization's ecosystem.

Top 10 Hacks Of The Past Decade | Solarwinds | WannaCry | Panama Papers | Cambridge Analytica |

Security breaches have become a normal part of our lives over the past decade, but each hack comes with its own complications and ramifications. In this webinar, Teleport Tech Writer Virag Mody will dive deep into the details of the top 10 hacks of the past decade and how they affected the way we approach cybersecurity.

Ask the Citrix Expert How to Troubleshoot Citrix Issues for Remote Workers

In this “Ask the Expert” session we will be talking with Citrix CTP, George Spiers, who will answer your questions around: How can you prove root cause is due to a user's home WIFI, behavior, or an issue within the virtual infrastructure? How do you find root cause of slow logons or poor session performance? And how can you report on remote worker productivity?

Building a GitOps Workflow

Since the rise of Kubernetes, GitOps workflows have become the standard way for teams to manage the state of large systems. GitOps is a way to perform application management and delivery, which at its core leverages a version control system to maintain the desired state of the system. Being able to describe the desired state using human readable text files, and allowing automation to handle deployments and updates based on those files, means less opportunity for human error and faster deployments.

Getting up and running with Calico On-Prem

If you are deploying Kubernetes on-premises in your datacenter, you won’t want to miss this talk and demo. The first thing you’re thinking about might not be networking, but without some knowledge of the networking decisions you’ll need to make, and what the right option is given your environment, you’re likely to get stuck or make the wrong assumptions that may limit your ability to scale or integrate with the rest of the datacenter network.