Maintaining Code Quality During the Container Revolution with OverOps

Microservices are taking over the software world, affecting how software is designed, written and delivered. Current tooling, such as log aggregators and APM solutions, struggle to provide the depth of context needed to maintain and troubleshoot these new containerized applications. Meanwhile, large enterprises don’t have enough data to correlate issues across containers, deduplicate them and find the root cause of the problem.

Cloud Native Telco Evolution: From Virtualized to Containerized Network Functions

From purpose-built hardware to virtual machines and now containers, service providers and telcos are re-thinking how they deploy and deliver cloud and network services. These service providers are on a journey to break down their monolithic stacks into small, reusable components that are consistent with a micro-services architecture.

Observability Through The Development Lifecycle

In this interview with Honeycomb Software Engineer, Ben Hartshorne, we get a to see and hear valuable insights on why observability, distributed tracing and Honeycomb help engineers gain great understanding on how software behaves in all stages of development. Ben will tell you how he builds software, instruments his code and uses Honeycomb to constantly update the “mental model” of how software really works.

Extend Your Operational Analytics Beyond IT and Improve Your Business Outcomes

Operational analytics is of vital importance to IT organizations today. With complex hybrid infrastructures and dynamic workloads commonplace in many businesses, the ability to monitor important metrics like application performance requires a level of automation and analysis that can quickly turn data into useful information for your IT team.