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5G Real-time Analytics: The Last Mile of Automation

5G promises to unlock a broad set of new services across consumer, enterprise, and industrial domains at lower costs and higher velocity. It will accomplish this by adopting cloud-native, fully automated networks with end-to-end traffic engineering. Cloud native functions, DevOps, and slicing enable 5G networks to scale-in/out, support many use cases, and billions of devices, to deliver on the promise. Unfortunately, as network functions, devices, and SLAs explode, the challenge of operational troubleshooting also increases, by orders of magnitude.

How to Monitor, Debug, and Update Infineon Devices with Memfault's IoT Reliability Platform

Developing secure, low-power feature-rich IoT products is a highly complex process for most developers. Memfault has partnered with Infineon to help developers working on Infineon ARM-based microprocessors alleviate this pain with Memfault’s IoT reliability platform. During the webinar, you learn how Infineon PSoC™ 6 developers can utilize Memfault's platform to understand how embedded devices are working, why they aren't working, and the impacts of device updates.

Cyber Resilience: The Key to Security in an Unpredictable World

Join Ed Bailey and Jackie McGuire as they delve into the topic of cyber resilience and its growing significance in today's digital landscape. In this informative video, you will learn what cyber resilience means, why it's important, and how to manage and improve it in an increasingly unpredictable world. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and frequent, cyber resilience has become a critical aspect of protecting personal and business assets. This discussion is perfect for anyone looking to better understand the importance of cyber resilience and how to safeguard against potential threats.

Webinar: State of DevOps | A Look Ahead at 2023

“DevOps” has never been more popular than it is today; it seems to be on the top of everyone’s minds and constantly evolving. So what can we expect to see in terms of trends for 2023? Join us as we continue our December conversation and discuss our predictions for DevOps and Software Supply Chain Security for the year ahead with community leaders. We will delve into some common and not-so-common opinions and topics you are likely to hear more and more about as the year progresses.

Kubernetes in the Enterprise Virtual Roundtable

Following the release of DZone’s Kubernetes in the Enterprise Trend Report, this Virtual Roundtable brings together subject matter experts, community contributors, and partners to discuss the research findings and the future growth of Kubernetes. With the expectations of Kubernetes becoming more entrenched into systems, what do the adoption and deployment methods look like compared to previous years?