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Using Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) to Monitor Hybrid Cloud Environments

As businesses increasingly adopt hybrid cloud models to balance flexibility and control, the need arises for effective monitoring and optimization. This presentation provides practical insights into ensuring seamless performance, resource efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in your hybrid cloud deployment.

Everything is Code: The reality of infrastructure management with Rosemary Wang

Ep 14: On this episode, Shon and Phoebe speak with Rosemary Wang from Hashicorp, a seasoned expert in infrastructure automation, as she shares her journey from networking and telecommunications to mastering the art of cloud migrations and infrastructure as code (IaC). Discover insights into the significance of networking knowledge in cloud automation, the transformative power of IaC, and the pivotal role of community and education in advancing cloud operations.

How to find and test critical dependencies with Gremlin

Part of the Gremlin Office Hours series: A monthly deep dive with Gremlin experts. Pop quiz—what are all of the dependencies your services rely on? If you’re like most engineers, you probably struggled to come up with the answer. Modern applications are complex and rely on dozens (if not hundreds) of dependencies. Many teams rely on spreadsheets, but manual processes like these break down over time. What if you had a tool that found and tracked dependencies for you?

Webinar: Building Flexible Software Catalogs for Real-World Use Cases

DevOps solutions have evolved quickly over the last few years. Software catalogs have bloomed beyond service registries and runbooks into comprehensive, centralized engineering sources of truth. With ever-expanding developer tool sets, can teams achieve the flexibility needed to address this fragmentation while continuing to tailor software catalog entries to their unique domains and contexts?

Evolving Your Career Path in Tech: Insights and Strategies for Success

Discover the unique career paths of our panelists in the tech industry. Overcoming imposter syndrome, setting and achieving goals, and navigating the nuances of company culture can pose challenges in one's professional journey. However, these women will share their stories of resilience, overcoming obstacles, and self-advocacy that propelled them to where they are today.

The Debrief: How we built a "game changing" AI assistant feature

Imagine an AI assistant that could automatically surface a whole host of useful incident response data points with just a prompt. Well, you won't need to imagine for much longer. That's exactly what we built in Assistant, one of our newest features powered by AI. In this episode, you'll hear from Charlie, the project lead for Assistant, to get a peek behind this game-changing product. You'll hear him chat about.

The Reality of Streaming Telemetry and SNMP

In this LinkedIn Live replay, Kentik's Phil Gervasi and Chris O'Brien delve into the evolving landscape of network monitoring, focusing on the transition from SNMP to streaming telemetry. Despite SNMP's long-standing dominance in network observability, the duo explores its limitations and the rising adoption of streaming telemetry for enhanced granularity and real-time data analysis. With his extensive experience as a network engineer, Chris shares valuable insights into the practical implications of this shift for enterprises of all sizes.

Unlocking software-defined vehicles: a deep dive into automotive software

We will address key topics such as the need for cybersecurity mandates, the evolving E/E architecture of SDVs, the importance of maintaining software integrity, meeting regulatory requirements, and delivering innovative features to enhance the user experience.