Digital Transformation

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6 Unspoken Laws of Strategic Execution

As organizations recognize that a digital-first, contactless customer experience model is the future, they are making a considerable push towards modernizing their applications and reducing their technical debt. There are several proven techniques they can apply in order to transform their processes, technologies, and businesses.


2021 - the year CSPs face the music and pay the 'triple debt'

2020 will forever be remembered as a year of unprecedented change, when the world locked down and the telecoms industry donned the hero’s cape to keep us all connected remotely. Despite this, however, the share prices of telecoms companies dropped on average by 20% over the year. Clearly, there’s more to the story, and 2021 looks like the year when the industry finally has to face the music when it comes to 5G.


Why IT automation is key to digital transformation

February 2020: remember the date because this was when the world finally agreed that the only way to survive was by adopting technology whole-heartedly. Collaboration for designing and delivering the vaccine needed to quell COVID19, or for family time, or to ensure your business was sustainable. Welcome to the 4th Humanity Revolution with technology as the engine and attitude and behavior changes as drivers of the innovation culture.


Avoiding the Most Common Business Mistakes When Scaling Your Small Business

Scaling and generating more revenue without necessarily increasing costs is a good sign for your small business. But with the potential to scale by increasing sales volume comes the challenge of keeping the company’s operations and profitability stable. This is why companies emphasize the importance of operational efficiency.


When Your Organization Should Adopt Centralized Logging

Most security pros know the value of log data. Organizations collect metrics, logs, and events from some parts of the environment. But there is a big difference between monitoring and a true centralized log management. How can you measure the effectiveness of your current logging solution? Here are four signs that it’s time to centralize log management in your organization: This post is based on content from the new Devo eBook The Shift Is On.


Can enterprises move fast without breaking IT?

In one of our recent webinars we discussed a challenge in digital transformation that is top of mind for many IT Ops leaders: how to actually transform with the least amount of pain… No matter how tired people are of the term “digital transformation”, it still represents an imperative strategy for enterprises wishing to survive in today’s dynamic business environment, let alone see growth and increased market value.


Community and Evangelism in Digital Transformation

Inertia, cynicism, and doubt can make it difficult for organizations to commit to digital transformation. Employees, executives, and stakeholders might resist digital transformation initiatives even after you explain its benefits. It often takes more than explaining benefits. You get the best results when you can build a community of digital transformation evangelical’s who gets others excited about adopting new technologies.