Taming the compliance beast: achieve efficiency & reliability at scale

Regulatory compliance is time-consuming and expensive. A recent survey of IT security professionals found that, on average, organizations must comply with 13 different regulations and spend an average of $3.5M annually on compliance activities, with audit-related activities consuming 232 person hours per year. With a team of five people, that adds up to 1.5 months a year devoted to audit-related activity. That’s a lot of hours that could have been spent on initiatives driving customer value.


Save Time and Money by Automatically Deleting Unused Azure Load Balancers

Using the cloud reduces on-premises infrastructure costs and related maintenance. Instead of deploying more servers, storage, and networking components to your own datacenter, you are now deploying these as cloud resources. Using the cloud is supposed to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs. However, deploying cloud resources also risks over-commissioning, under-usage, and keeping resources running that are not always needed or, even worse, no longer in use.


How to Remediate Unencrypted S3 buckets

Cloud environments are always susceptible to security issues. A significant contributor to this problem is misconfigured resources. Traditional IT Infrastructure was somewhat static; server hardware only changed every few years. With few changes occurring, security was also more static. The modern cloud environment is a much different challenge. In cloud environments, servers, services, and storage are created with automation, resulting in a dynamic and potentially ever-changing server environment.


How to overcome app development roadblocks with modern processes

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of companies (52%) say application development is a high priority initiative at their organization. But teams focused on building or improving apps face a number of bottlenecks — the three biggest of which are people, processes, and technology. Puppet and Pulse surveyed 200 IT executives to discover how modern technologies and processes are helping app development teams overcome common roadblocks and adapt quickly to the changing economy.

Bolting your way through Raspberry Pi and Network configuration standards

How network engineers discovered best practices for Bolt implementation through management of Raspberry Pi distribution. Making sense of Bolt's file structure, nuances, and unwritten rules. Expansions of Bolt plans and commands beyond Raspberry Pi into networking infrastructure. Making use of the run commands to output results to a file for every network device. Utilizing the latest Bolt release to send configuration snippets to Network Infrastructure.

Why you should take the 2020 Puppet user survey

We want to hear directly from you about your experience using Puppet products so we can ensure our portfolio rises to the demand of our customers. Take this survey to share your expertise with us. At Puppet, we’re dedicated to innovating the most modern, easy-to-use, secure and compliant products for our customers to ensure practitioners can simplify their workflows and enterprises can meet their business goals. Your input is extraordinarily valuable to us.


Puppet's journey into Continuous Compliance

During my tenure at Puppet, I’ve learned that almost everything we do is focused on two things — eliminating soul-crushing work, and the never-ending desire to solve really hard customer problems. Couple those with the positive and energetic attitude of the Puppet team, and we’re bound to have a profound impact on our customers. Maybe I’ve had too much Kool-Aid?


Solving financial services regulatory challenges in Australia with Puppet

The recent record-breaking fine of $1.3 billion for money-laundering breaches exposed the dangers of poor systems in the banking industry. Now is the time to get compliance right. In my role, I regularly speak with FS&I clients about their security and compliance challenges, including vulnerability remediation. It’s a complex topic with many pieces that must coalesce to create a holistic solution.