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Retrace Keynote: Observability (metrics, traces, logs) - Take back control of your data

In the keynote recorded during our recent user group session NUGGETS 2023, Sanjeev Mittal, GM of Retrace talks about how organizations are rapidly moving their infrastructure to the cloud and how their costs and complexity are increasing. Our customers are looking for Observability solutions that give them control of data and costs.

Getting Started with Tanzu Community Edition: A Technical Overview

You've heard of VMware Tanzu Community Edition, but now let's see what it looks like when we put it all together. In this 30-minute video, we go over some use cases and how the individual technologies come together to create a platform. Then we dive into a demo. This presentation was created for the 2021 VMUG Global Event.

How to Schedule an Activity in Asset Infinity

In this video. We will show you how to schedule an activity in Asset Infinity. This feature can be used to schedule activities for preventive maintenance of assets. An activity can be scheduled with or without an asset. First, select the asset for which activity is required to be scheduled. Click on the schedule activity button present on the home page. Here, you can create single or multiple schedules for the selected assets.