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Phil Gervasi on Network Observability and Cisco Live | Network AF Episode 20

Phil Gervasi, Kentik's Head of Technical Evangelism stops by Network AF today to speak with host Avi Freedman about all things network observability and to recap their experiences at Cisco Live. Phil was a network engineer for 15 years before switching to marketing and finding his way into technical evangelism. In this conversation the two focus on building a foundation for data mining and collecting information that could better inform network intelligence and insights from observability platforms like Kentik.

Internet traffic and current events with Doug Madory | Network AF Episode 19

Network AF welcomes Doug Madory back to the podcast to discuss current events, including Russia invading Ukraine, and recent internet-related issues in Syria and Egypt. Doug is Kentik's Director of Internet Analysis, and uses BGP and traffic data to write about happenings with networks on a worldwide scale. Together with Kentik CEO and show host Avi Freedman, the two dive into the real-world implication of geopolitical events on the state of networking.

Cycle Podcast | EP 14 | Derek Distenfield | Introducing GSD.dev: Connect Startups w/ DevOps Teams

In this episode, Jake Warner chats with Derek Distenfield, co-founder of GSD Venture Studios. From an introduction to GSD’s Venture Studio and Global Accelerator to a big announcement about a new partnership with Cycle, Jake and Derek dive into the world of building startups -- without suffering from the lack of DevOps experience.

Problem solving and pinball with Jay Adelson | Network AF Episode 18

Chairman and Co-Founder of Scorbit, Jay Adelson, sits down with Network AF host Avi Freedman to talk about his history as a serial entrepreneur. Jay founded Equinix, Revision3, Opsmatic, and was the CEO of Digg. Throughout the conversation Jay and Avi touch on problems founders encounter, and discuss their mutual joy for gaming.Highlights of the conversation include.

The Key to Achieving Trustworthy AIOps

Sean McDermott of the Find Flow podcast, brought to you by Windward, interviews guest speakers from Zenoss: Trent Fitz, chief marketing officer, and Ani Gujrathi, chief technology officer. In this insightful episode, they dive into how AIOps has evolved and continues to evolve. We’ve come a long way from Gen 1 AIOps, which was based mainly on root-cause analysis, or pinpointing a problem for the IT team. Gen 2 AIOps is here, and it is the next step up in AIOps. It provides faster insights with topology and connectivity built into the AIOps system.

IT Heroes Podcast - EPS 07 Menaces of Cyber Warfare

In this episode of IT Heroes, our host Andy Ellwood, VP of Product Marketing, and Giridhara Raam, Cybersecurity Evangelist are discussing Cyber Warfare in detail. The episode is composed of discussion around Russian-Ukraine Cyber Warfare, Hackers involved, Challenges, and how can firms prepare themselves against such horrendous threats.

Co-creating business value with ITSM

IITL has been adopted by organizations to streamline their IT service management since its conception in the 1980s. ITIL talks about co-creating value from a service management perspective in its latest version. ITIL 4 can be considered a modernized framework that is more in line with changing technologies; unlike previous versions, it emphasizes the importance of stakeholder collaboration for co-creating value. The latest version aligns with new work models such as lean, agile, and DevOps and supports modern technologies like AI and the cloud.

Automation and transformation in IT infrastructure with Jordan Lowe

Co-founder and CEO of Deft, Jordan Lowe stops by Network AF to talk to host Avi Freedman about all things IT infrastructure. Previously known as ServerCentral, Deft continues to innovate on its services to make managing IT infrastructure a better experience for the business and those who run it.

Cycle Podcast | EP 13 | Derek Chamorro | Next Gen Hardware Security + Insights on Internet Attacks

Derek's Links: Derek is a Staff Engineer at Cloudflare and has over 17 years of experience in designing security frameworks at scale. His main focus is on research and development within infrastructure and cloud security. He currently holds multiple patents in the fields of security, key management, and blockchain.

Peering, edge computing, and community with Grant Kirkwood | Network AF Episode 16

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Unitas Global, Grant Kirkwood, joins Network AF to discuss motivations for starting the company and where they're at currently. Avi and Grant talk about what it is like to be a service provider and a solution provider (MSP) in one, and how it plays into what Avi calls the APIfication of networks and IT strategy.