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The Ransomware Pandemic | Security Insights Podcast: Ep. 2

This latest ransomware pandemic is infecting end users and security teams alike, exploiting old vulnerabilities and forcing new risk management strategies. Chief Security Officer Phil Richards reviews how organizations can avoid and remediate ransomware cyber attacks, including: Ivanti finds, heals, and protects every device, everywhere – automatically. Whether your team is down the hall or spread around the globe, Ivanti makes it easy and secure for them to do what they do best.

The FireEye/SolarWinds Cyber Attack | Security Insights Podcast: Ep. 1

Ivanti Senior Director of Product Management, Chris Goettl, and former Chief Security Officer, Phil Richards, join host Adrian Vernon to discuss the recent cyber attack that affected many dozens of organizations around the world, including multiple U.S. government agencies. This is one of the largest-scale cyberattacks in recent history.

[PODCAST] Season 2 - Episode 1 The ITOps 2023 predictions; what does the future hold.

What will 2023 hold for ITOps? As we look back to 2022, its stellar growth for many companies and positive hiring trends, we hope that 2023 is even more successful for those involved in ITOps. In this episode, we take a deep dive into #predictions for 2023 and the future of #ITOps.#aiops #ITOps #podcast

[PODCAST] Season 2 - episode 3 - Resolving unforseen ITOps events

Even the best teams can encounter outages. Sometimes there's environmental anomalies in the data center or a component failure that leads to unplanned downtime. In this episode, we explore how IT teams can limit the impact of outages to business operations and resolve them when they arise.#itops #aiops #podcast

Cycle Podcast | EP 17 | Nick Stinemates | Time at Docker/Rancher + Network Observability with Kentik

In this episode, Jake Warner chats with Nick Stinemates, VP of Business Development and Co-Chair of Labs at Kentik. Nick shares his experiences as an early team member at both Docker and Rancher and discusses Kentik's efforts to bring observability to networks for ISPs and large enterprises.

A workforce strategy for an era of uncertainty

In this episode of the ManageEngine Insights podcast, Insights Editor Brent Dorshkind and Michael Barata, a master trainer at CultureRx, discuss the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE). As a workforce strategy, ROWE prioritizes autonomy, accountability, and clarity, making it particularly well-suited to the relentless democratization of IT and decentralization of work that’s taking place in organizations today. Likewise, ROWE offers a clear way forward in an era of economic, political, cultural, and general uncertainty.

[PODCAST] Episode 1 Season 2; How to successfully build and defend your 2023 ITOps budget

It’s that time of year when ITOps leaders quantify their plans in budgets that must compete with other equally hungry groups for limited corporate resources. How can the thankless task of proactively preventing outages and speeding time to resolution win against funding flashier projects? Real-world facts can make that difference. Some of the major topics Nigel and Craig will discuss is how to help organizations successfully build and defend their 2023 ITOps budget for investments in tooling, headcount, and workflow improvements.

Cycle Podcast | EP 16 | Tom Daly | Simplifying Global Networks + Insights into Startup Investing

In this episode, Jake Warner chats with Tom Daly, CEO at Big Network, and former Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at Fastly. Discussions include his early days as co-founder of Dyn, experience with the build-out of Fastly, and his philosophy behind startup investments.

Managing incidents in a growing organisation - incident.fm

In this week's episode, we're joined by Matt Huxtable, CTO at Ziglu (an e-money issuer, offering a variety of digital finance services, particularly well known for its cryptocurrency services). Matt talks about how the engineering team at Ziglu has evolved over time, building an agile culture and why "keep it boring" is his mantra. Chris, Pete and Matt cover how to context switch between solving and communicating during an incident, their most creative incident fixes and why AI isn't ready to solve incidents for us just yet.