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Robin.io wins Automation Solution Award | FutureNet World Awards 2021

Robin.io was named the winner of the Automation Solution Award at the 2021 FutureNet World Awards. Considering the illustrious group of finalists, the award recognition validates Robin’s efforts to provide operators with software solutions that provision network capacity, automate service delivery and reduce operating costs.

Everbridge is the place to be

Culture is about more than just a fancy office, benefits or team activities. It’s about the people. Our Bridgers build and own the company culture, enforce our values, and their passion fuels our continued innovation and growth. We wouldn’t be where we are without them, and our growth and great culture are because of what we’ve achieved as a team together! Individually we are amazing but together we are remarkable.

AR Applications in Pharma Industry

Augmented reality (AR) in the pharma industry is revolutionizing the possibilities to innovate rapidly and fast-track the growth of pharma businesses. Making pharma education simpler to stakeholders are endless, augmented reality in the pharma sector is driving the sector to reach new heights easier. AR today is giving promising hope for pharmaceutical businesses of improved sales using AR, as well as helping patients to make informed choices by understanding products, diseases, and potential treatments.