High-Performing WooCommerce Hosting for E-Commerce Projects

Online shopping has got the world and became a stable, profitable, and customizable replacement for conventional stores we are used to. You are about to start making money on your site, but you have no idea how to open an online store? In this guide, we will show you how to turn a regular WordPress site into an eCommerce store using a proven WooCommerce tool.


WordPress Security Optimization for High-Performing Websites

Hacking and cyber attacks can cause massive server performance problems if not outright interruptions. Many people have no idea how often servers get attacked because they never see the logs. Every server will get attacked several thousand times (sometimes in one hour) every month. Your site might even be attacked right now but you just don’t know it. Securing against these attacks requires a delicate balance.

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13 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

Every experienced website owner knows the backing up of the website is vital. You shouldn’t think that if something wrong has not happened to your website in the past, nothing bad will happen in the future. Incidents occur unannounced, and when they happen, you realize that they are costly, stressful, and time-consuming. Data loss can happen due to the failure of servers or the crashing of your website.


WordPress Speed Optimization with Proper Caching

Today we continue our blog series dedicated to the improvement of website performance using hints from The Ultimate WordPress Speed Optimization Guide written by Johnny Nguyen. This part is going to be about caching optimization: Caching is best defined as saving the processed requests so they can be served faster when requested again. It’s used in every aspect of computer technology since forever, and absolutely essential for speeding up your page load.


LiteSpeed Benefits Over Other Servers for WordPress Hosting

While seeking to launch a website, many people choose WordPress. It’s not a surprise: being the most popular CMS on the market, it powers more than 60% of CMS-based websites. In attempts to host a WordPress website, people plan it carefully. Usually, the preparation starts with learning PHP for adding more customized functions and features to the default functionality. Apart from that, additional research on the hosting plan prices and support are conducted.


WordPress Speed Optimization Guide: Web Hosting

Having a fast business website is essential for both Google ranking and overall conversion rate. Due to Kissmetrics, 40% of site visitors will abandon a page that takes three or more seconds to load. Earlier, the BBC calculated that they lost an additional 10% of users for every extra second their site took to load.


How Can WordPress Live Chat Plugin Benefit Your Business

The WordPress live chat plugin is a smart business tool. Wondering how it benefits your business? Or, how does it help increase customer engagement? Basically, market performance has a direct correlation with customer engagement. Engaged customers have a strong association with your brand. And, this translates to increased sales. However, retaining customers is not an easy task considering the ample market choices available to customers. Hence, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of a business.

Kubernetes Master Class: Deploy WordPress and MySQL without Data Loss

Applications such as WordPress or MySQL require the use of data persistence. It is common when deploying such applications to use a HostPath volume as it is agnostic from the platform. A HostPath volume shares the filesystem of the Host within the container making the data available between pod restarts. However, it ties the data to one node only, creating a single point of failure and restricting any kind of scalability. Kubernetes is not able to schedule the application in any other node even if it is unavailable. This leads to eventual data loss.
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What web hosting for WordPress? Here are 10 the most recommended options

For many years WordPress has invariably remained the CMS number 1, supporting about half of the world’s websites. All hosting service providers declare compatibility with WordPress – and in most cases this is true. WordPress has no excessive technical requirements. However, it can’t be denied that WP-based websites work better than elsewhere on the servers of certain providers. WordPress will work properly on any Apache or Nginx-based web hosting with a MySQL or MariaDB database.


Gehaxelt - How Wordpress Plugins Leak Sensitive Information Without You Noticing

Sebastian Neef (@gehaxelt) is a IT security freelancer and a top contributor from the Detectify Crowdsource community. In this guest blog, he looks at ways WordPress plugins leak sensitive data in the wild: The OWASP Top 10 puts Sensitive Data Exposure on the 3rd place of the most common web security issues. In this blog post we will have a look at sensitive data exposure that you might not be aware of.