Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate Zero Downtime Renewal in WordPress Cluster

Nowadays, an SSL is a necessity for any website in production, thus certificate issuing and renewal are routine tasks that can be easily automated by tools like Let’s Encrypt. These processes are performed using open-source certbot with the standalone authenticator. The main drawback here is the possible downtime of the web application server during the automatic certificate renewal and domain validation.

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9 Popular WordPress Plugins Using AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is in the news a lot, and it’s hyped as a cure for all ills in the same breath it’s suspected of spelling doom for us all. What’s the truth behind all the noise? What does artificial intelligence do, seeing as it is simply everywhere. The truth of the matter is that whatever the would-be prophets say, artificial intelligence and machine learning is here, now, and has applications to your day-to-day.


How to Improve your WordPress Performance Score

We managed to get a 99/100 Performance Score with Google Lighthouse, check the details below how we did it. Read more on how to run a Google Lighthouse audit. First of all, you’ll need to install a list of WordPress plugins, activate and configure them. This will manage your JS, CSS assets and minify the HTML for all pages. JavaScript Options We’ve only ticked the two options here: CSS Options HTML Options Misc Options 2.


How attackers exploit the WordPress Easy-WP-SMTP zero-day

On November 6th, 2019, Detectify added security tests for 50+ of the most popular WordPress plugins, including Easy-WP-SMTP. Although the zero-day affecting Easy-WP-SMTP (CVE-2020-35234) was recently patched, WordPress estimates that many of the 500,000+ active installs of the plugin remain unpatched. Detectify scans your applications for this vulnerability and alerts you if you are running a vulnerable version of WordPress and WordPress plugins.


Over one million WordPress sites receive forced update to security plugin after severe vulnerability discovered

Loginizer, a popular plugin for protecting WordPress blogs from brute force attacks, has been found to contain its own severe vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. The flaw, discovered by vulnerability researcher Slavco Mihajloski, opened up opportunities for cybercriminals to completely compromise WordPress sites. The flaw can be exploited if a user attempts to log into a Loginizer-protected website with a carefully-crafted username.


Jelastic Enterprise WordPress Hosting Earned Top Tier in Performance Benchmark 2020 by Review Signal

High-performance of WordPress websites is vital for business success nowadays. In addition to improving customer experience, it drastically influences the ranking in search engines, bounce rates, page view numbers, conversion rates and thus profits. Choosing appropriate WordPress hosting is the first and the most important step to gain a fast and optimized website.