Exoprise Launches Industry's First 'Network Digital Experience Monitoring Solution' to Predict Slow Response Time with Collaboration & VoIP Apps

Exoprise Launches Industry's First 'Network Digital Experience Monitoring Solution' to Predict Slow Response Time with Collaboration & VoIP Apps

Waltham, MA – May 18, 2022 – Exoprise, a leading provider of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions, today announced the latest release of its Service Watch Desktop platform that enables IT teams to successfully identify problems and predict performance degradation with enterprise collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, and Google Meet regardless of where employees work.

In the era of the modern Internet and Covid, there is a high demand for uninterrupted audio/video collaboration services. Enterprises have complex network topologies further complicated by hybrid requirements, so when problems occur with SaaS, UCaaS, VoIP, audio, video, etc. — there are visibility gaps in addressing them. Exoprise closes those gaps with a ‘Better Together’ synthetics and RUM solution so IT teams can predict emerging problems with poor audio-video quality and help understand why they are happening. Through a combined integrated analysis approach, businesses can significantly reduce MTTR and overall troubleshooting time.

“Companies have come to rely on collaboration platforms such as Teams and Zoom. A positive digital experience with these services increases end-user productivity and efficiency for everyone,” said Exoprise CEO Jason Lieblich. “However, in a rapidly changing complex environment, IT operations teams need to be able to quickly diagnose whether VoIP problems are occurring with the application, client, network infrastructure, or device layer. At Exoprise, we believe that the answer to achieving complete visibility and a great digital experience lies in our deep streaming and connected network tracing — which comes with our new intelligent and context-sensitive Service Watch Desktop RUM solution. “

Highlights of the new release include:

  1. UDP Tracing Metrics and Collaboration Performance Telemetry – The cornerstone feature of this release is the connection-less network telemetry collection in Exoprise Service Watch Desktop. Monitor low-level UDP connections and dependencies from endpoint devices when users engage with streaming and collaboration apps in any network. Track availability and performance of network applications down to the Wi-Fi, gateway, and ISP level.
  1. Proactively Detect Jitter, Packet Loss, Latency for Audio/Video Conversations – Businesses utilizing virtual communications such as live video conferencing, broadcast, or multitask network transmission will benefit from proactive telemetry. In its latest version, Service Watch Desktop captures and analyzes end-to-end latency, jitter, response time, and QoE for network applications that utilize UDP streaming protocols such as Zoom, WebEx, and Teams.
  1. Hop-by-hop Diagnosis for Streaming Apps (Only We Can!) – As networks get more complex, support teams find it challenging to pinpoint network issues and optimize routing. Service Watch Desktop solution visualizes hop-by-hop packet flow from any endpoint, whether based in home or a corporate LAN.
  1. Predict Streaming and Networking Issues Before They Happen – Digital experience is becoming business-critical for everyone. Exoprise Service Watch Desktop gathers network and application telemetry data from a variety of sources. On top of that, the platform applies its observability, monitoring, and crowd-sourced collective intelligence to predict user experience problems before they occur and alert network teams accordingly.
  1. Stronger ‘Better Together’ Value with Synthetics and RUM – By reorienting Service Watch Desktop for today’s hybrid workforce, Exoprise is the only vendor in the space that combines synthetic transactions with real user monitoring capabilities. Data correlation from both techniques helps IT pinpoint and resolve VoIP and streaming service issues rapidly and accurately across any domain.

Read more in the latest Exoprise whitepaper about the combination of Real User Monitoring and Synthetics to ensure the best digital employee experience for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and other VoIP apps: Better Together: Combine Real User Monitoring with Synthetics

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