Exoprise Addresses Application Network Visibility Gap with Latest Digital Experience Monitoring Solution

Exoprise Addresses Application Network Visibility Gap with Latest Digital Experience Monitoring Solution

Waltham, MA – September 1, 2021 – Exoprise, a leading provider of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and SaaS apps, today announced the latest release of its Service Watch platform, allowing IT organizations to proactively monitor and troubleshoot performance issues with enterprise desktop apps such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoom, and WebEx for a distributed and global hybrid workforce.

Along with Service Watch Browser (SWB) for monitoring SaaS and web services, the new desktop application network monitoring capability within Service Watch Desktop (SWD) brings unique scoring to boost passive monitoring capabilities. Application network scoring allows enterprise IT to quickly identify poor-performing network services and perform root-cause analysis faster.

“Our new application network monitoring ensures complete visibility into the digital experience desktop and VDI users are facing,” said Exoprise CEO Jason Lieblich. “Many companies are inundated with incident tickets related to slow Wi-Fi, home network, and Internet issues with their VPNs or collaboration and productivity apps. This latest Service Watch update helps quantify and pinpoint the root cause of slow network apps.”

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Comprehensive Application Network Monitoring – Service Watch Desktop gathers detailed crash, hang, and OS reliability data to aggregate and present it in an intuitive dashboard. Support teams can instantly identify the source, root cause, and rollback changes when needed, thereby reducing MTTR. Born-in-the-cloud, Service Watch assists with employee digital experience for the new Work from Anywhere Knowledge Worker and drives higher satisfaction levels when working with desktop apps.
  • Application Network Performance Scoring – Included with the new SWD is the capability to monitor network response times, packet loss, and latency for desktop applications such as the Microsoft 365 Office Suite (Outlook, OneDrive, MS Teams), Zoom, Cisco WebEx, RingCentral, etc. This low-level data is rolled up and aggregated into an Application Network Score to enable quick prioritization and root-cause analysis.
  • Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) – In a hybrid workplace where employees work from anywhere, a combination of active and passive monitoring in a single platform is ideal for optimizing the end-user experience. Service Watch supports running CloudReady synthetics from the same end-user installations thereby delivering proactive insights in addition to real-user monitoring for the overall experience picture.
  • Inside-Out, Outside-In Monitoring of Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, & DaaS – For a newly implemented DaaS/VDI service on Azure, Exoprise holistically monitors outages, latency, response times, etc., behind the firewall or from the cloud. End-to-end visibility into the employee experience when remote workers connect via RDP services or access applications within a VDI environment is now possible.
  • Quantifying the End-User Digital Experience – Besides the Application Experience Score (AXS), Exoprise Web Experience Score (WXS) and the Desktop Experience Score (DXS) make it easier for network administrators to numerically evaluate application behavior from the end-user perspective. Equipped with these scores, IT has immediate visibility into service bottlenecks to reduce the troubleshooting time.
  • Best of Both Worlds with Synthetics and RUM – No other vendor promises a single comprehensive DEM solution for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and other Cloud apps than Exoprise. Synthetics and Service Watch DEM in a single pane of glass are a best-of-breed monitoring solution with advanced analytics, business reporting, status feed integration, and custom dashboard capability. Companies that want real-time insight into the entire hybrid work experience journey will benefit from a better together monitoring strategy.

“One of the biggest challenges with traditional monitoring techniques is that they do not measure the experience where the user is,” said Andrew Hewitt, senior analyst at Forrester. “We currently see RUM and synthetic monitoring as very complementary capabilities for easier root-cause analysis and better proactive incident management.”

“Due to the pandemic, our IT model shifted from primary support for call center operations to supporting a significantly larger virtual, hybrid workforce, and that was when we became interested in better measuring digital experiences from the end user’s perspective,” said Kevin Santos, Senior Director of IT, Network Operations Center at BCD Travel. “Synthetic sensors in our central data centers collect performance data on Microsoft 365 but, we wanted an even more complete picture. Together with synthetics and a RUM on-demand solution, we can better understand the problems of our end-users in any geographic location.”

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