Network Monitoring


IPHost Network Monitor is a Windows application, capable of monitoring various network devices and alerting to the changes in performance and/or availability.


Motadata is an IT monitoring and management software that derives business insights by real-time processing, correlation and intelligent visualization of IT network and security information data.
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Scan your IP devices in minutes, collect detailed hardware and software information. Integrates with Help Desk. Available self-hosted and online.
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Network Trace Test

Troubleshoot network-related problems such as outages, poor network performance, or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) related problems. This free network trace test will determine the address of each network hop and then send a sequence of 10 ICMP ECHO requests to each machine to determine the response time of the link to each hop. Choose from nearly two dozen root locations.


Stop managing infrastructure and start delivering end-to-end IT services. The OpsRamp platform is your digital operations command center - bringing the right operational insights across multiple services, platforms and point tools for a holistic view.