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March 2020

Creating a thriving, agile, remote team

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced many organizations to take unprecedented steps towards remote working. As a fully distributed team, we’ve faced the common challenges of remote work. Based on our experience from our very beginning in 2018, all but a few of these organizations new to remote working will face hurdles to overcome and may try to revert to colocation as soon as possible. Remote working is hard, even when it’s carefully planned and executed.

Contribute to Netdata's machine learning efforts!

Netdata contributors have greatly influenced the growth of our company and are essential to our success. The time and expertise that contributors volunteer are fundamental to our goal of helping you build extraordinary infrastructures. We highly value end-user feedback during product development, which is why we’re looking to involve you in progressing our machine learning (ML) efforts!

Netdata's standard dashboard

In this video, we’ll take a look at the Netdata's real-time dashboard, which has hundreds of charts, designed by both our team and the community. We’ll cover the elements related to the dashboard, such as contexts, dimensions, menus, and even raised alarms. By default, Netdata listens at port 19999. So, to get to the dashboard, open a web browser and enter your SERVER-IP ADDRESS plus port number or localhost plus port number.