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Kubernetes throttling? It doesn't have to suck!

Kubernetes has a bad habit of throttling CPU resources—with the result that you can suffer severely degraded performance or find yourself paying a fortune for extra, unnecessary infrastructure. Watch this video to learn how K8s clusters protect themselves from what they see as heavy CPU usage, and how you can monitor and troubleshoot the problem. We demonstrate how you can:– Use Netdata to reduce API response times by a factor of 7– Expect to reduce infrastructure resource requirements by 60-75%

Machine learning for infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting, explained

Learn exactly what machine learning is and how it takes part in the observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting industry. We'll also cover the future of ML trends within the industry, and how Netdata is staying at the forefront of machine learning development.

Learn how our Chief Troublemaker transformed infrastructure troubleshooting.

When no available tool could help Costa Tsaousis identify his own infrastructure problem, he invented one that could. Netdata’s founder, CEO, and Chief Troublemaker tells how his invention went viral, how the Netdata Way transforms monitoring and troubleshooting, and how he plans to keep Netdata free, forever.

Netdata Meetup: Real World Scenario on How to Install and Monitor from Scratch

In our first Netdata Meetup, Thiago Marques will present and show you how to install Netdata from scratch on a specific host and demonstrate how to understand navigating through the many, in-depth Netdata dashboards. Thiago will also cover understanding metric distribution. Monitoring is not only to visualize collected data, which is why we will show where host notifications are, and how to access A.I. to simplify even more the correlation between issues and hardware/software.