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August 2020

The Netdata Community Powered by NodeBB

We recently adopted NodeBB as our software of choice for building the Netdata Community. We have many good reasons for why we wanted to provide our community with a proper home online, but I wanted to cover some of the technical reasons for choosing NodeBB for our platform, and the many parallels between the NodeBB and Netdata projects, which was certainly a driving force behind this decision.

Netdata Agent v1.24: Prometheus/OpenMetrics collector and multi-host database mode

This release broadens our commitment to open standards, interoperability, and extensibility with a new generic Prometheus collector that works seamlessly with any application that makes its metrics available in the Prometheus/OpenMetrics exposition format, including support for Windows 10 via windows_exporter. Netdata will autodetect over 600 Prometheus endpoints and instantly generate charts with all the exposed metrics, meaningfully visualized.