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December 2023

Introducing Netdata's Alerts Configuration Manager

Netdata introduces its latest feature, the Alerts Configuration Manager, transforming the way users configure and manage alerts in their Netdata environment. This powerful tool integrates directly into the Netdata Dashboard, offering a streamlined and intuitive interface for both novice and experienced users.

Release 1.44.0 - Netdata vs Prometheus, Netdata Journal Logs, Netdata's log2journal (Beta) and more!

The Netdata Team is very excited to introduce you to all the new features and improvements in the new version. Release HIGHLIGHTS: To achieve these astonishing results, we made the following changes to Netdata since the previous release: New SLOTS streaming protocol, Streaming compression algorithms, Gorilla compression beta In this release, we introduce several changes to allow the plugin to work promptly in such environments. Netdata can now deal with huge systemd-journal databases and is available for the host logs when Netdata runs in a container.

Netdata's Cost Transparency - Unveiling the True Cost of Monitoring

Businesses are increasingly reliant on monitoring tools to ensure the seamless performance and reliability of their systems. However, the true cost of implementing and maintaining these tools is often obscured by hidden expenses. Our previous blog delved into the concealed costs associated with various monitoring solutions, such as Prometheus & Grafana (Open Source Monitoring) and commercial platforms like Datadog, Dynatrace, and NewRelic.