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February 2020

Release 1.20: Kernel monitoring 'superpowers' and infrastructure-wide labels

In Netdata’s first major release of 2020, we’re introducing two new features on the opposite ends of the monitoring spectrum. On one hand, we’re releasing an eBPF collector, which lets you collect, monitor, and visualize incredibly precise metrics straight from the Linux kernel. On the other, we added the ability to label agents to help you organize entire infrastructures and see every important piece of information about streaming nodes in one place.

Linux eBPF monitoring with Netdata

Your application isn’t finished when you’ve closed the last if block and you lined up all the brackets. There’s a whole other world of testing, debugging, and optimization that you haven’t even touched yet. To help you more safely step into that complex phase of making your application even better, we’ve just released a brand-new eBPF collector in v1.20 of Netdata.

Docker container monitoring with Netdata

Properly monitoring the health and performance of Docker containers is an essential skill for solo developers and large teams alike. As your infrastructure grows in complexity, it’s important to streamline every facet of the performance of your apps/services. Plus, it’s essential that the tools you use to make those performance decisions work across teams, and allow for complex scaling architectures.