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How to automate adding nodes to rooms in Netdata?

How we organize nodes (and the Netdata agents that are running on those nodes) across different rooms should reflect our architectural decision because the room is a logical container with its own user members and notification rules. So if we are monitoring large infrastructure we should be consistent with these rules and one way to achieve this is to choose automation.

Decentralized Monitoring Explained

Users often find themselves puzzled by the concepts of decentralized or distributed monitoring. This confusion is likely due to many monitoring systems claiming distributed capabilities, making it challenging to discern how Netdata stands out. To grasp the distinction, we must delve into the evolution of monitoring systems. When the first monitoring systems were created, about 20-25 years ago, they were built as SNMP collectors.

Netdata is the only real-time monitoring solution: Justified

In the digital era, where data flows like a ceaseless river, real-time monitoring stands as a pivotal technology, allowing organizations to not only keep pace but also to deeply understand the intricate dance of their operational ecosystems. This technology is not just about keeping tabs; it’s about gaining a profound, almost intuitive sense of the micro-worlds within which systems, containers, services, and applications pulse and thrive.

Understanding Monitoring Tools

If you care about operational excellence when it comes to your IT infrastructure, the role of monitoring systems is pivotal. As we navigate through the myriad of available monitoring tools, it becomes essential to understand the distinct architectures, styles, and focal points of various monitoring solutions, as well as the time-to-value they offer.

SafetyDetectives: An Interview-With-Costa-Tsaousis

In a recent conversation with SafetyDetectives, Costa Tsaousis, CEO and founder of Netdata, shares insights into the inception and evolution of Netdata, a game-changing monitoring solution. With a background in fintech and a passion for real-time data processing, Tsaousis was driven to create Netdata in response to the significant gaps he identified in traditional monitoring tools.

Manage Netdata Cloud with Terraform

We proudly announce the release of the Netdata Cloud Terraform Provider. It’s a step forward to make our platform more automated and compliant with the modern Infrastructure as Code approach. Terraform is one of the leaders in the IaC tools with a rich ecosystem of providers and modules, now you can put a puzzle with Netdata Cloud to your stack.

New Streamlined Plan Structure

As the landscape of real-time monitoring evolves, so does the diversity and complexity of use cases that our community brings to Netdata. Our mission has always been to democratize monitoring by making it accessible, powerful, and scalable for everyone. With the rapid growth of our user base and their expanding needs, it's become clear that our plan structure must evolve to maintain this mission sustainably.

Upcoming Homelab plan!

For full details on the plans and prices, check out our pricing page. Netdata’s vision is to democratize observability and make it accessible to everyone. Whether you are a startup or a multinational corporation, a business user or a home lab user, a non-profit organization or a student - we want you to be empowered with the very best that Netdata can offer.