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April 2022

Troubleshooting Alerts the Right Way: As a Team

At Netdata, we love two things more than anything else: Our goal is to make troubleshooting and monitoring as seamless as possible with the open-source Agent. This includes giving you pre-configured alerts so that you get notified immediately when a disruption occurs. The Netdata Agent comes with over 250 pre-configured and optimized alerts.

CNCF Live: Power up your machine learning - Automated anomaly detection

Our Analytics & ML lead Andrew Maguire recently had a chance to share our new Anomaly Advisor feature with the wider CNCF community. In his demonstration he did some light chaos engineering (using Gremlin and stress-ng) to generate some real anomalies on his infrastructure and watch how it all played out in the Anomaly Advisor in Netdata Cloud. There were also some great questions and discussion from the audience around ML in general and in the observability space itself.

Machine learning for infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting, explained

Learn exactly what machine learning is and how it takes part in the observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting industry. We'll also cover the future of ML trends within the industry, and how Netdata is staying at the forefront of machine learning development.

Learn how our Chief Troublemaker transformed infrastructure troubleshooting.

When no available tool could help Costa Tsaousis identify his own infrastructure problem, he invented one that could. Netdata’s founder, CEO, and Chief Troublemaker tells how his invention went viral, how the Netdata Way transforms monitoring and troubleshooting, and how he plans to keep Netdata free, forever.

The Netdata Way of Troubleshooting

Together with you, our fabulous community, Netdata is changing the way the world thinks of high fidelity monitoring – and we are gaining momentum. Our chief troublemaker and CEO, Costa Tsaousis, is the pioneer and architect of this revolution that’s brewing in the monitoring and troubleshooting space. Watch him explain the Netdata way of troubleshooting.