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July 2023

Troubleshooting a SaaS App in Kentik

Kentik's Phil Gervasi explains how Kentik's network observability platform helps IT professionals troubleshoot performance problems with SaaS applications. He demonstrates how Kentik's network observability platform can monitor popular SaaS providers, such as Office 365, Salesforce, GitHub, Dropbox, and more, using synthetic testing mechanisms. By capturing metrics like packet loss, latency, DNS resolution, and page load time, Kentik provides valuable insights into SaaS performance. Phil takes you through a real-life example of investigating a poorly performing SaaS application and showcases how Kentik's tools pinpoint network latency issues, both regionally and globally.

Troubleshooting a SaaS performance problem with Kentik

Discover how Kentik’s network observability platform aids in troubleshooting SaaS performance problems, offering a detailed view of packet loss, latency, jitter, DNS resolution time, and more. Phil Gervasi explains how to use Kentik’s synthetic testing and State of the Internet service to monitor popular SaaS providers like Microsoft 365.

$3 Million in Savings and Improved Performance: A Case Study Featuring StackPath

When your business is all about providing cloud services at the edge, optimizing the quality of your network connectivity is paramount to customer success. Learn how StackPath saved $3 million and optimized their network performance by using Kentik.