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May 2021

How to Continuously Monitor Inter and Intra Cloud Performance

You moved to the cloud because they said that the cloud is “always on” (which it is!) but is it as reachable as your own data center was? With Kentik you can take the guesswork out of that question using our new Cloud Performance Meshes. Join Kentik product expert Anil Murty as he demonstrates how you can use Kentik’s Cloud Performance Meshes to monitor performance between different regions and availability zones of any single (intra-cloud) or multi-cloud (inter-cloud) network continuously. Learn how you can catch network performance issues before they impact your applications and end users.

Cloud Observability 101: Start and End with Performance

Join network observability gurus Anil Murty and Dan Rohan for a real-world deep dive into the common cloud performance pitfalls, and how to avoid them. You’re adopting cloud in a big way, but your observability hasn’t kept up. Whether you’re responsible for your corporate network or revenue-producing service, you can’t afford performance blind spots.