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October 2021

Untangling Business In The ISP Industry With Elliot Noss | Network AF Episode 4

On today's episode of the Network AF podcast, Avi welcomes Elliot Noss, President, and CEO of Tucows. Elliot has a love and passion for the internet that started the moment he was introduced to it. This passion comes through as he discusses his goals in networking and the positive change he wants to make in solving cybercrime issues at the DNS level. Not only is Elliot an expert in networking, but also a great leader. He shares insight into the importance of providing exceptional customer support and how it starts with building a culture around passionate people at Tucows. Watch it now!

Network AF, Episode 4: Untangling business in the ISP industry with Elliot Noss

Today on the episode 4 of the Network AF podcast, host Avi Freedman welcomes his longtime friend Elliot Noss. For 25 years, Elliot has been the CEO of Tucows, the internet services company with the second-largest domain registrar in the world. Elliot is considered an outlier in the ISP industry, largely due to his transparency and for the stellar customer experiences he encourages through Tucows.

NPM, encryption, and the challenges ahead: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I talked a bit about how encryption is shaping network performance monitoring (NPM). Let’s dive in deeper now… Most NetOps and DevOps professionals today hear complaints about network performance when employees work from home. Unless the complaint is coming from all remote users of an application, individuals suffering from slowness are on their own to figure out how to optimize connection speeds.

Network AF, Episode 3: Uniting networking pros with Salesforce's Janine Malcolm

If you’ve ever thought networking is bewildering as a newcomer, you’re not alone. In episode 3 of Network AF, meet Janine Malcolm, the director of network engineering at Salesforce. She joins podcast host Avi Freedman to chat about some of the experiences she’s had throughout her career and how to make network engineering a more accessible profession. At Salesforce, Janine is currently focused on uniting groups of people as one overall network engineering team.

NPM, encryption, and the challenges ahead: Part 1 of 2

It’s interesting to observe how encryption and network performance monitoring (NPM) have evolved over time. When I first entered the networking industry right out of college, many applications sent passwords over the network in clear text, unencrypted. Since just about everyone’s PC was wired back to a repeater (i.e., not a switch), we could observe each other’s traffic with free packet analyzers and laugh.

Welcoming Newcomers to the Networking Industry with Janine Malcolm | Network AF Podcast Ep. 3

Today's conversation is with Janine Malcolm, Director of Network Engineering at Salesforce. Janine takes us through her journey to get to where she is today and how she became interested in networking itself. Not only do they get into the nitty-gritty of networking, but also what you can do to get into the industry and why having a college degree isn't always necessary. Janine shares how we can make this space more welcoming to newcomers and advice on how you can start learning more and get your career going.

Network AF, Episode 2: Backbone engineering and interconnection with Nina Bargisen

In episode 2 of Network AF, meet Nina Bargisen. Nina has spent over two decades in network engineering and talks to podcast host Avi Freedman about her history in interconnection and peering. She’s worked for companies like Netflix and TDC (formerly Tele Danmark Communications). Now Nina is Kentik’s director of GTM strategy focused on supporting service providers. Nina joins Avi on the Network AF podcast to discuss: Nina’s entry into networking was non-standard.