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November 2021

Mentorship and Shared Languages of Network Engineering with Cat Gurinsky | Network AF Episode 6

On this episode of Network AF, Avi is joined by Senior Network Engineer Cat Gurinsky to share her journey through networking. Cat found a passion for automating deployments and troubleshooting and is the current chair for the NANOG Program Committee.

Network AF, Episode 5: Building relationships as an internet analyst with Doug Madory

Network AF welcomes Doug Madory to the podcast. Doug is a veteran, a researcher, a writer and Kentik’s director of internet analysis. With his start in the U.S. Air Force within its Information War Center, Doug has now been working in the networking industry for 12 years. After the Air Force, Doug went on to work for Renesys, which was acquired by Dyn, which was later acquired by Oracle.

Building Relationships as an Internet Analyst With Doug Madory | Network AF Episode 5

In this week's episode, you'll hear our host Avi and guest Doug Madory's conversation around internet analysis. Doug is the Director of Internet Analysis here at Kentik, with previous experience at Oracle and Dyn in the same role. Today he shares how he got into technology and his career in the Air Force. Doug later dives into what it's like building relationships with the press and working with them as an internet analyst. You'll get to hear about some of the essential stories highlighted throughout his career, as well. Listen now!

How to determine the source of SaaS latency

One of the positive things that came out of events in 2020 was that many of us started working from home. At first, it was kind of weird. But once we realized that what we needed was available online, it became easier. All we had to do was figure out a few new apps, like Slack, Asana and Google Docs. Then, after a couple of weeks of working from home, many of us started having thoughts like, “I wonder if I could wear shorts and my favorite slippers?