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August 2023

Breaking the Cloud Illusion: The Hard Truth about Successful Migrations

Join our Kentik experts and Andrew Green, Research Analyst at GigaOm for a panel discussion on common challenges organizations face as they move their workloads to the cloud. They will discuss some tales from the field and ways organizations can mitigate some of these challenges, such as cost overruns, connectivity interruptions, and security considerations.

Dual Subsea Cable Cuts Disrupt African Internet

On Sunday, August 6, an undersea landslide in one of the world’s longest submarine canyons knocked out two of the most important submarine cables serving the African internet. The loss of these cables knocked out international internet bandwidth along the west coast of Africa. In this blog post, we review some history of the impact of undersea landslides on submarine cables and use some of Kentik’s unique data sets to explore the impacts of these cable breaks.

How to Perform a Forensic Analysis After a Security Breach

In this Kentik demo, Phil Gervasi shows how to perform a forensic analysis after a security breach. Leveraging Kentik's robust visibility into public cloud traffic, we showcase how engineers can effectively identify, analyze, and respond to security incidents. Through a hypothetical scenario, we trace a security alert from its origin—a suspected attack on an Azure-hosted system—to its resolution. Using tools like the Kentik Map and Data Explorer, we identify the attacker's entry point, compromised internal devices, and potential data exfiltration activities.

Iraq Blocks Telegram, Leaks Blackhole BGP Routes

This past weekend, the government of Iraq blocked the popular messaging app Telegram, citing the need to protect Iraqi’s personal data. However, when an Iraqi government network leaked out a BGP hijack used for the block, it became yet another BGP incident that was both intentional, but also accidental. Thankfully disruption was minimized by Telegram’s use of RPKI.

Troubleshooting Cloud Application Performance: A Guide to Effective Cloud Monitoring

The scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based applications are well known, but they’re not immune to performance issues. We’ve got some of the best practices for ensuring effective application performance in the cloud.