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August 2022

How much does RPKI ROV reduce the propagation of invalid routes?

Earlier this year, Job Snijders and I published an analysis that estimated the proportion of internet traffic destined for BGP routes with ROAs. The conclusion was that the majority of internet traffic goes to routes covered by ROAs and are thus eligible for the protection that RPKI ROV offers. However, ROAs alone are useless if only a few networks are rejecting invalid routes.

Understanding AS relationships, outage analysis and more Network Operator Confidential gems

The objective of Network Operator Confidential is to share our global internet market insights from recent months. Kentik, and our customers, have access to views and analysis of global internet traffic that no one else can match. In our first Network Operator Confidential webinar, I was joined by Doug Madory, Kentik’s director of internet analysis, and Grant Kirkwood, founder and CTO at Unitas Global.

Bringing business context to network analytics

Kentik brings real-world business context to the telemetry we collect and the analytics we provide. That’s the overarching theme I got from Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2. As I watched and listened to each presentation, it was pretty obvious to me that Avi, Steve, Doug, and Nina, all technical powerhouses, were a little less focused on packets and a little more focused on how we can improve network operations and a service provider’s ability to make smart business decisions.

Rerouting of Kherson follows familiar gameplan

Since the beginning of June this year, internet connectivity in the Russian-held Ukrainian city of Kherson has been rerouted through Crimea, the peninsula in southern Ukraine that has been occupied by Russia since March 2014. As I explain in this blog post, the rerouting of internet service in Kherson appears to parallel what took place following the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Synthetic web tests - Moving up the stack

In this short explainer and demo, Kentik's Phil Gervasi shows how Kentik is moving up the stack to monitor application activity on the network. Phil explains the differences between proactive and passive network monitoring and demonstrates three new synthetic tests that relate to app performance monitoring. Kentik's suite of application-focused synthetic tests give you proactive visibility into application activity on your network. Using the HTTP test, Page Load test, and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring, you can monitor a user's digital experience and troubleshoot problems as they happen.