Network and Infrastructure Engineers: Here's How to Up Your Cloud Networking Game

Network and Infrastructure Engineers: Here's How to Up Your Cloud Networking Game

Feb 14, 2022

Your applications are growing in the cloud, but is your network monitoring keeping pace?

It’s easy to get caught flat-footed on things like collecting logs and metrics at cloud-scale, making sense of cloud network performance and health using old-school data like port numbers and IP addresses, and automating processes like troubleshooting and remediation when you don’t own the underlying infrastructure.

Read our whitepaper for:

  • Reliance of modern applications on the network
  • Critical early conversations to have with your cloud team
  • Why lift-and-shift doesn’t work for network monitoring and security
  • The must-have skills you need to hone for success in the cloud
  • Why network observability is more relevant than ever

This whitepaper is for network and infrastructure engineers who are in organizations that are delivering applications or moving workloads to public clouds. Your organization’s move to public cloud may be part of a digital transformation initiative, or it may be for a line of business that is offering a digital service. Either way, if you’re not already, you are going to be involved in public cloud networking.

You will be expected to solve complex networking problems that impact application performance and customer or user satisfaction. These problems will be different and harder to solve than the networking problems you are used to. You will need to “up your game” to work effectively in cloud networking. This paper covers key elements of public cloud networking and concludes with steps that are critical to success.