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November 2022

Kentik Kube: Container Network Performance Monitoring

In this brief demo, Phil Gervasi explains how you can use Kentik Kube to monitor K8s network performance among your containers on-premises and in public cloud. With Kube, you can get granular visibility into container performance in terms of packet loss, packet size, protocol and application activity, TCP flags, and network latency.

Close the Cloud Monitoring Gap with Network Observability

To fully capitalize on the promises of digital transformation, IT leaders have come to recognize that a mix of cloud and data center infrastructure provides several business advantages, including increased agility, cost efficiencies, global availability, and, ultimately, better customer experiences.

Hidden Costs of Cloud Networking: Optimizing for the Cloud - Part 3

I used the first two parts of this series to lay out my case for how and why cloud-based networks can effectively “Trojan horse” costs into your networking spend and highlighted some real-world instances I’ve come across in my career. In the third and final installment of this series, I want to focus on ways you can optimize your personnel and cloud infrastructures to prevent or offset some of these novel costs.

Avoid These Five Cloud Networking Deployment Mistakes

When transitioning from physical infrastructure to the cloud, it’s easy to think that your networks will instantly be faster, more reliable, and produce windfalls of cost savings overnight. Unfortunately, this wishful line of thinking fails to account for some of the complexities of cloud networking and is one of the biggest drivers of the cloud deployment mistakes we see.

Suppressing Dissent: The Rise of the Internet Curfew

In the evening on September 30, people across Cuba found their internet service cut. The residents of this Caribbean nation had begun protesting their government’s tepid response to Hurricane Ian which had wrought destruction a week earlier. Internet service returned to normal the following morning, but this outage wasn’t caused by storm-related damage. This blackout was a deliberate act, a fact confirmed when service dropped out for the same period of time the following day.

Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Testing

Part two of a three-part guide to assuring performance and availability of critical cloud services across public and hybrid clouds and the internet Monitoring your user traffic is critical for knowing the quality of the digital experience you are delivering, but what about the performance of new cloud or container deployments, expected new users in a new region, or new web pages or applications that don’t have established traffic? This is where synthetic testing can be invaluable.

Using Kentik Synthetics for Your Cloud Monitoring Needs

The final post of a three-part guide to assuring performance and availability of critical cloud services across public and hybrid clouds and the internet Kentik Synthetics adds integrated, autonomous, pervasive performance test telemetry to our market-leading network traffic analytics and observability platform, the Kentik Network Observability Platform. For modern clouds, proactive synthetic monitoring can no longer be delivered as a standalone tool.

Kentik takes network observability to KubeCon 2022

If you’re an engineer trying to fix real problems with your apps, looking at just one small part of the picture isn’t going to cut it. This is why Kentik is so focused on helping you understand what’s going on beyond single k8s instances, and it’s a big part of what network observability is all about. This was Kentik’s message at Kubecon 2022, which was a memorable event for us.

Solving for cloud/multi-cloud network complexity

Networking in multi-cloud / hybrid cloud / data center environments continues to grow in complexity and so does the inherent challenge of monitoring traffic and resource utilization. Join industry expert and podcaster Eric Wright as he leads a discussion with Kentik and Alkira about observability practices and methods for network, cloud, virtualization, and application ops teams. What you’ll learn.

Are you a network observability champion?

At Kentik, we pride ourselves as innovators and thought-leaders for network observability. “Kentik is network observability” is more than a slogan for us. It’s an idea that informs our product roadmap and guides our problem-solving with customers. We’ve done a lot to explain network observability to prospects.

Kentik Market Intelligence just increased its IQ - introducing KMI Insights!

Early this year we launched Kentik Market Intelligence (KMI). If you missed it, KMI enumerates transit and peering relationships as well as produces rankings based on the volume of IP space transited by ASes in different geographies. Using tables and charts, KMI offers a global view of the internet out-of-the-box without any configuration or setup. KMI uses public BGP routing data to rank ASes based on their advertised IP space.