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December 2023

The Power of Paris Traceroute for Modern Load-Balanced Networks

Modern networking relies on the public internet, which heavily uses flow-based load balancing to optimize network traffic. However, the most common network tracing tool known to engineers, traceroute, can’t accurately map load-balanced topologies. Paris traceroute was developed to solve the problem of inferring a load-balanced topology, especially over the public internet, and help engineers troubleshoot network activity over complex networks we don’t own or manage.

How to Analyze Subscriber Behavior with Kentik

Learn how to analyze subscriber behavior using Kentik. In this post, we focus on the challenges and solutions of identifying and tracking the customers in an IP network while complying with regulations such as GDPR, show how Kentik Custom Dimensions and Data Explorer provide the analysis, and finally touch on how the associated APIs help automate and ease the entire process.