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January 2022

What is Network Observability and Why Should You Care

If you haven’t heard of network observability yet, you will very soon. And you’ll be hearing it a lot. Some say it is just marketing hype. Some say networks have always been observable. But network observability is the most important new concept to hit the network performance monitoring space in years. Join Kevin Woods, Kentik director of product marketing, to learn.

Network capacity planning made easy in 2022

Didn’t quite get to that task of capacity planning in December? Well, not to worry, this month Kentik has overhauled our Capacity Planning workflow and is introducing a slew of new features to make capacity planning easier and more intuitive than ever before. Those who are familiar with Kentik will know that one of our core offerings is the ability to monitor and plan actual network and interface utilization.

Networks and interconnectivity with Hank Kilmer | Network AF Episode 9

In today's episode of Network AF, Avi interviews Hank Kilmer, Vice President of IP Engineering at Cogent. The two discuss Hank's career running major internet backbones, how he got into networking in the late 80's, and his thoughts on mentorship in the networking community. Watch now!

Tonga downed by massive undersea volcanic eruption

On Saturday, the pacific island nation of Tonga was decimated by a massive volcanic eruption that was visible from space. At 5:27pm local time, the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai unexpectedly erupted, sending ash and debris for hundreds of miles. As of this writing, all internet and telephone communications between Tonga and the rest of the world are still down.

Network AF, Episode 8: Staying curious with Ron Winward

In the first podcast episode of 2022, Avi welcomes Ron Winward to Network AF! Ron is the vice president of network services at INAP, global provider of secure, performance-oriented, hybrid infrastructure. Like Avi, Ron also grew up in Pennsylvania and is a member of the East Coast Access of Infrastructure.

What is Network Performance Management and how is it evolving in the cloud era

Join Michael Patterson, Kentik network technologist, to find out what NPM has become and why legacy solutions met their demise. Get in-depth details about these three must-have monitoring techniques: Watch this Kentik webinar replay to learn: Why these technologies bring deeper visibility into how your company’s internet connections and applications are being impacted and by whom. How to identify the third parties to reach out to when problems occur and see where to focus your optimization efforts.

How to measure the performance of a website

If you’re a person who works from home, you almost certainly have to deal with occasional internet connection issues. More often than complete outages, you’re likely dealing with occasional slowness. And you know from experience that any one of dozens of devices and services along the path can cause latency.

Paths to networking with Ron Winward | Network AF Episode 8

In today's episode of Network AF, Avi interviews Ron Winward, VP of Network Services at INAP. With 20 years of network services experience under his belt, we want to know more about how he got into networking and how an expert like him learns. Today's discussion will also involve the community and what Ron looks for in those who want to get into networking. Listen now!

Five Cloud Networking Deployment Mistakes That Will Cost You

Useful tips to better plan, monitor, and troubleshoot your public cloud networking Cloud networking across a myriad of applications, clouds, and data centers can get complex. And with the rapid pace of transition to the cloud, you'll need to prepare for new concepts like VPCs, cloud interconnects, and multiple availability zones and regions. Kentik has put together a list of the top five cloud networking deployment mistakes to avoid so you can take full advantage of the cost savings and flexibility of the cloud.