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March 2022

Why You Should Monitor BGP and Where to Start 031122

BGP isn’t just for ISPs and hosting providers anymore. As we saw with Facebook’s historic outage, it’s now a necessity for digital enterprises to proactively monitor BGP. In this webinar, Director of Product Management Anil Murty will introduce Kentik’s new proactive BGP monitoring capabilities. Join Anil to learn.

Synthetics 101 - Part 2: Protecting and growing revenue with proactive monitoring

In part 1 of our synthetics series, we looked at tracking network performance to drive better business outcomes. Here in part 2 of our series, we’ll dig into the very first and most basic business outcome of using digital experience monitoring (DEM). That is, we’ll look at how to protect and grow revenue by proactively monitoring the health, availability and uptime of your critical applications and services, so you can fix issues before your customers’ experience suffers.

Bill Marantz of Linode on automation, mentorship, and problem solving | Network AF Episode 14

Bill Marantz joins Avi and Network AF to discuss his love for open source and automation technologies. The two also discuss mentorship and recruiting during rapid stages of company growth, and touch on problem solving in networking without a technical background.

Network AF, Episode 11: The art of connecting with PacketFabric's Jezzibell Gilmore

In episode 11 of Network AF, Avi talks with Jezzibell Gilmore, co-founder and chief commercial officer (CCO) of PacketFabric. Jezzibell is a powerful woman in networking who is modernizing and paving the way for infrastructure in the digital universe. In the conversation, she shares how she’s weaving together technology, business drivers and cutting-edge innovation, while keeping her foot firmly on the ground.

A deep dive in public relations with Ilissa Miller | Network AF Episode 13

In this episode of Network AF, the network engineering podcast: Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations, joins Avi to talk about her start working in infrastructure communications, and her advice for companies interested in engaging more with her customers and media.

Updated: Cogent and Lumen curtail operations in Russia

Reader’s note: On Friday, March 4, we published this blog post to comment on Cogent’s decision to terminate their commercial relationships with their Russian customers. Today, March 7, another international telecom, Lumen, announced that it will also take action. We’ve updated this blog post to reflect the latest information we have.

Network observability, now publicly shareable

What fun is network observability if you can’t share what you see? That’s why we’ve added public link sharing to the Kentik platform. One of the greater missions of network observability is to break the boundaries of conventional monitoring. At Kentik, we focused our initial efforts on making complex infrastructure problems easy to visualize, understand and resolve. Now we’re tackling a follow-up mandate: to democratize network observability.