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November 2023

What's New at Kentik, Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of "What's New at Kentik?" hosted by our technology evangelist, Leon Adato. Learn about the latest advancements and offerings from Kentik, the network observability company, revolutionizing how you manage your digital infrastructure. In this episode, Leon unveils complete Azure observability for Kentik Cloud, introduces the groundbreaking Kentik Kube for Kubernetes visibility, and discusses how to tackle DDoS attacks and spoof traffic with Kentik Protect.

Cloud Observer: Subsea Cable Maintenance Impacts Cloud Connectivity

In this edition of the Cloud Observer, we dig into the impacts of recent submarine cable maintenance on intercontinental cloud connectivity and call for the greater transparency from the submarine cable industry about incidents which cause critical cables to be taken out of service.

Kubecon 2023: Code, Culture, Community, and Kubernetes

Kubecon 2023 was more than just another conference to check off my list. It marked my first chance to work in the booth with my incredible Kentik colleagues. It let me dive deep into the code, community, and culture of Kubernetes. It was a moment when members of an underrepresented group met face-to-face and experienced an event previously not an option.

Alerts Should Work for You, Not the Other Way Around

The entire reason we have monitoring is to understand what users are experiencing with an application. Full stop. If the user experience is impacted, sound the alarm and get people out of bed if necessary. All the other telemetry can be used to understand the details of the impact. But lower-level data points no longer have to be the trigger point for alerts.

Alerts Don't Suck: YOUR Alerts Suck!

Join Leon Adato, Kentik's Principal Technical Evangelist, for, "Alerts Don't Suck: YOUR Alerts Suck." In this engaging talk, Leon shares a personal anecdote about generating a staggering 772 tickets - twice - in just 15 minutes, setting the stage for an enlightening exploration of alert management. Leon discusses the common misconceptions and pitfalls of alerts in network observability, distinguishing between effective and ineffective alert strategies. He demystifies the concepts of monitoring versus observability, offering practical advice on creating alerts that genuinely add value and drive action. Whether you're an IT professional, network engineer, or anyone interested in improving your alerting philosophy, this talk is packed with actionable insights, humor, and real-world examples. Leon's hard-won advice might just transform your approach to alerting and optimizing your monitoring systems.

Digging into the Optus Outage

Last week a major internet outage took out one of Australia’s biggest telecoms. In a statement out yesterday, Optus blames the hours-long outage, which left millions of Aussies without telephone and internet, on a route leak from a sibling company. In this post, we discuss the outage and how it compares to the historic outage suffered by Canadian telecom Rogers in July 2022.

Troubleshooting Container Network Latency in Kubernetes with Kentik Kube

Kentik Kube brings network observability to Kubernetes. In this Kentik Kube product demo, we navigate a real-time scenario of troubleshooting high latency within a Kubernetes cluster. The Kentik Kube map offers a visualization of our environments, complete with automated alerts and the ability to correlate performance metrics directly to affected pods.

Custom Container Network Monitoring and Alerting in Kubernetes with Kentik Kube

Discover the power of proactive network monitoring in Kubernetes with Kentik Kube. This demo highlights the critical importance of custom dashboards and alerts in maintaining optimal container performance and service availability. We take you through creating a tailored alert for a checkout service within Kentik Kube. From selecting services to diving deep into performance metrics via the Kentik Data Explorer, we show you how Kentik Kube makes it easy to set up policies that monitor and alert you to Kubernetes network issues as they arise.

Troubleshooting Kubernetes Network Performance Issues with Kentik Kube

Discover the power of Kentik Kube, the solution for unparalleled network insight into Kubernetes workloads. In this video, Phil Gervasi walks us through Kentik Kube’s ability to track and visualize container traffic across data centers, public clouds, and the internet. Using the interactive Kube map, Phil demonstrates how to troubleshoot a network latency issue affecting an online shopping application, highlighting the tool's capacity for in-depth analysis of pod performance and node-to-node traffic. Learn how to create custom dashboards for custom oversight, set up proactive alerts for performance issues, and enforce security and compliance across your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Analyzing the Traffic Patterns of Broadband Subscriber Behavior

Broadband subscriber behavior analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data on how broadband subscribers use the internet. This data can be used to gain insights into subscriber needs and preferences, as well as to identify potential problems with the broadband service.

The Role of Generative AI and Large Language Models in IT Operations

Artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI and large language models have changed how we approach IT operations, cybersecurity, and observability. And though we can point to measurable benefits and outcomes from applying LLMs to ITOps, there is also a lot of speculation to deal with. Phillip Gervasi, Director of Technical Evangelism at Kentik, and Christoph Pfister, Chief Product Officer at Kentik, discuss what generative AI and LLMs are, how they can be used to improve IT operations, and what the future might hold.