Rundeck + Sensu Short Demo

Today's dynamic infrastructure and the importance of keeping systems online is driving a change in approach to monitoring. Sensu is at the forefront of this change with a dynamic "Monitoring as Code" offering. Sensu plus the automation power of Rundeck can escalate your monitoring from simple notification to full remediation. This video is a brief demo of Sensu and Rundeck solving an NGINX outage.

Monitoring as code with Sensu Go 6

A comprehensive CI/CD initiative should include monitoring and observability. Monitoring as code incorporates the active monitoring of the infrastructure under management, creating a symbiotic relationship in which new metrics and failures are collected and detected automatically in response to code changes and new deployments. Monitoring as code is the key to this unified view of the world and management of the entire application lifecycle.

Monitoring IGEL Endpoint Deployments with eG Enterprise

eG Innovations has joined the new IGEL Ready program as a technology partner. IGEL Ready opens up the company’s core enterprise software for tech companies like eG Innovations to integrate and validate its products, driving business growth and flexible access to enterprise applications for mutual customers of eG Innovations and IGEL.