Running Mobile Device QR Code Tests

When injecting an image with a QR Code or barcode, the image size in your preview may exceed the boundaries of the target scanner area, which would prevent your app from reading the code. In this scenario, you'd need to add padding to your uploaded image so that when it's scaled to full-screen, the QR Code will fit inside the scanning area limits and can be processed

ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow Analytics

With ThoughtSpot, you can deliver a modern, familiar search-driven analytics experience on all your ServiceNow data. Drill anywhere, and get granular insights instantly. ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow Analytics is compatible with the Snowflake Data Cloud and other cloud data warehouse platforms. It leverages the standard ServiceNow data model while remaining highly flexible and customizable. Stop living in canned reports.

Creating a COD Database

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) is an operational database as a service that brings ease of use and flexibility. Let’s see how easy it is to create a new database! Once you have created your environment, navigate to the COD Web interface. It takes you to the Databases page. Click Create Database, select the applicable environment, provide a name for your database and click Create Database. The creation of your new database is in progress. Once its status becomes Available it is ready to be used.