Modern Data Architecture to Support Healthcare During a Pandemic and Beyond | Kong Summit 2020

COVID-19 has hit our country hard, and the healthcare industry is still reeling from national attention on the blatant disparity of the effects of COVID-19 in specific underserved populations. Recognizing the disparity, healthcare leaders continue to struggle with interoperability and data sharing; we must free the data and move beyond the debate of public or private cloud. It’s time to prepare for the eventuality of leveraging all available cloud environments to handle the data workload and application needs to end digital disparity in healthcare.

Launch Your ITSM Transformation with Automation & AIOps

In this Spotlight Session from Cherwell CLEAR 2020, Resolve VP of Global Sales Engineering Rob Kelsall explores how AIOps and automation can transform your entire incident management process by reducing alarm noise, correlating events, and automating resolution procedures without any human intervention.

Practical Implementation of Good Security Hygiene for Mobile Apps | Kong Summit 2020

We all know that we shouldn’t store secrets in mobile apps, but what is the practical alternative? We all know that we should use certificate pinning for our APIs, but how can it be done simply and safely? This talk will describe a real project to explore some of the challenges of implementing good security practice in a large organization and discuss a third-party solution (Approov) which addresses both of the issues above in a relatively simple way using industry standards and working neatly with Kong.

Simplifying Canary Deployment | Ingenia | Kong Summit 2020

Canary deployment is a helpful tool that allows companies to put in production multiple versions of its products to control flow and access based on different sets of rules, clients, amounts and operations. In this session, we will discuss best practices for canary deployment and share our experiences using Kong Enterprise — supported by Kuma capabilities — in achieving this.

Runbook Automation: The Next Great Unlock for DevOps and SRE

Damon Edwards presentation at AWS re:Invent 2020. Operations is hard. Failure is inevitable. There is always more to do and not enough time to do it. With the pace of change rapidly increasing and complexity skyrocketing, those who do operations work are under tremendous strain. In this talk, we’ll discuss techniques that high-performing organizations use to achieve shorter incidents, fewer disruptive escalations, and get more done.