SKILup Day DevSecOps | How To Securely Access Compute Resources In Cloud Environments | Virag Mody

Virag Mody, Technical Writer for Gravitational gave a concise talk on Infrastructure Security best practices for SKILupDays DevSecOps 2020. In the talk he covers why certificate authorities are so important, and what individuals can do to create a more secure infrastructure access process.

How To Succeed When Adopting A Multi Cloud Environment

Today, a vast majority of companies are working with multiple cloud providers. But moving IT operations to the cloud has significant consequences they need to deal with. Discover how Broadcom helps customers to manage critical workloads in multi-cloud environments, simplifying and accelerating the deployment of new business services.

How Automation Helps The Site Reliability Engineer

Automation has been with us for decades now and with years of experience and experimentation we are arriving at a best practice known as site reliability engineering. Site reliability engineering seeks to manage the risk imposed from multiple agile changes to protect business revenues and sustain positive customer experiences.

Observability in Modern Applications: Simplifying Complex Systems | SKILup Days: Observability

Microservice-based environments present challenges in complexity and observability for DevOps and Engineering teams. When dealing with distributed systems an observability strategy built for these modern environments is crucial in order to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues quickly. In this session, we’ll review observability, its pillars (metrics, logging, tracing, alerts, and more), and how to achieve it within your microservices and containers.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Automators

Building a tech stack in today’s world means constantly making decisions about whether to automate or abstract challenges, but the goals are always the same – simplicity, security and speed. As organizations embrace myriad technologies, such as Kubernetes, to abstract away DevOps challenges, they also increase the need for automation to help them manage increasingly complex processes across platforms. In this session, Kong’s VP of Product Reza Shafii will explore how organizations can use automation to reduce friction in adopting new platforms, eliminate repetitive, error-prone tasks and increase the overall effectiveness of their development teams.

Live Kubernetes Debugging with the Elastic Stack - Philipp Krenn (Elastic)

Your Kubernetes app is down. Your users start ranting on Twitter. Your boss is standing right behind you. What do you do? This talk walks you through a live debugging session without panicking: We are using the Elastic Stack in this demo with a special focus on its Kubernetes integration with metadata enrichment and autodiscovery in combination with APM / tracing, metrics, logs, and health checks.

DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates - Baruch Sadogursky (JFrog)

So, you want to update the software for your user, be it the nodes in your K8s cluster, a browser on user’s desktop, an app in user’s smartphone or even a user’s car. What can possibly go wrong? In this talk, we’ll analyze real-world software update fails and how multiple DevOps patterns, that fit a variety of scenarios, could have saved the developers. Manually making sure that everything works before sending an update and expecting the user to do acceptance tests before they update is most definitely not on the list of such patterns.