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The Cloud is Broken | Insight from Mark Boost at Civo Navigate North America 2024

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, takes a deep dive into the current state of cloud computing, addressing the pressing issues facing the industry. From the misalignment of pricing and customer expectations to the environmental and social responsibilities of tech companies, Boost provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and proposes a visionary approach for a fairer, more sustainable future in cloud computing.

How will #AI help dev teams work better together? | #GitKraken CTO at #Dockercon

GitKraken's CTO Eric Amodio believes it's about addressing the details that are easy to miss– the random Slack conversations, the PRs, and Issues that slip your mind, consolidating everything into a digestible 'To Do' list that keeps you productive and in-the-know.

Confused by Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy? A Workshop with Dario Tranchitella - Navigate Europe 23

Dive into the world of Kubernetes multi-tenancy with Dario from Clastix in this Navigate workshop. Explore the complexities of Kubernetes environments and learn about innovative solutions like Capsule and Paralus that revolutionize how multi-tenancy is managed. Video is packed with valuable insights and practical demonstrations.

Transforming DevOps with IaC and GitOps - John Dietz & Jared Edwards - Navigate Europe 23

Join John Dietz and Jared Edwards as they navigate the transformative journey from Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to GitOps, emphasizing the pivotal role of Kubernetes. This talk offers an in-depth look at combining IaC practices with GitOps advantages for robust and efficient DevOps operations. Don't miss this workshop on tool integration, workflow management, and a live demo illustrating GitOps in action.

"Our job is not to write code." | #GitKraken CTO Eric Amodio at #Dockercon

How should devs feel AI's rapid growth? What will happen to their jobs? 🤯 Well, GitKraken CTO Eric Amodio doesn't think developers should have an existential crisis. In a #Dockercon keynote with Justin Cormack, he explains that developers' jobs encompass way more than just writing code – it's about problem solving & critical thinking.

Experience Omni Dev with CodeZero with Narayan Sainaney - Navigate Europe 23

Join Narayan Sainaney, co-founder and CTO of Codezero, as he unveils the groundbreaking concept of Omni-development on Kubernetes. Explore the challenges developers face with microservices and how Codezero's solution streamlines the development process, reducing complexity and enhancing productivity. Watch as Narayan demonstrates the practical application of this novel approach and discusses its impact on the future of software development.

From Git to Deployed - Fast Platform Delivery - Colin Griffin & Dinesh Majrekar - Navigate Europe 23

Join Colin Griffin and Dinesh Majrekar in this insightful workshop. Dive into the world of application and platform engineering with Civo and Krumware's experts as they unravel the intricacies of IT Ops, developers' tools, and infrastructure management. This workshop blends theory with hands-on exercises, equipping participants with practical skills and an understanding of modern platform engineering concepts.

Unlock the Secrets of Machine Learning: A Beginner's Guide with Josh Mesout - Navigate Europe 23

Dive into the world of machine learning with Josh Mesout. This video is a great starting point for beginners, offering a practical approach to understanding and applying machine learning concepts. Follow along as Josh demonstrates setting up a machine learning environment on Civo and explores a PyTorch notebook for handwriting recognition. Whether you're coding along or just watching, this session is packed with useful tips and resources for your machine learning journey. Don't forget to check out our GitHub repository for additional materials and join the conversation in the comments!

Building Controllers with Python Made Easy with Steve Giguere - Navigate Europe 23

Join Steve Giguere and Matt Johnson in this comprehensive workshop from Navigate Europe '23, focusing on Kubernetes Admission Controllers. Learn to build these controllers from scratch using Python, understand their role in Kubernetes security, and get hands-on with real-world applications.