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ElasticON Solution Series Keynote: Celebrating 10 Years of Elastic

Learn more about Elastic's origin story and how the world's most popular search engine evolved into the leading platform for search-powered solutions. Since the release of Elastic 7.0 there have been 17 additional 7.x releases. In less than 20 minutes you’ll hear the highlights from two years of Elastic 7.x and explore the latest news from 8.x — and — what’s to come in the future. Speaker: Mike Nichols, Product Lead - Elastic Security, Elastic

You build it, you own it - Microservices operations with Datadog Service Catalog (Brooke Chen)

Managing microservices requires understanding many dependencies, both technical and operational. Join Brooke Chen of Datadog as they introduce Service Catalog, a new view combining telemetry, performance, topology, and metadata to enable at-a-glance understanding of even the most complex microservices architectures.

Atlassian Team '22 ITSM Keynote

Service management teams operate much like legendary bands - individual rock stars coming together to create incredible experiences. But new ways of working are stressing the seams of traditional ITSM. Learn how Atlassian powers modern development, operations, and business teams by offering the best of both worlds: autonomy with coordination.

Atlassian Team '22 DevOps & Agile Keynote

Should you be in an open relationship? A diverse toolchain or a consolidated, all-in-one approach? Discover how Atlassian's open toolchain solution offers the best of both worlds: flexibility and coordination. We'll show how this new approach empowers software teams to adapt to change faster while measuring value streams by completing the software development life cycle of Discovery → Delivery → Operations.

DevOps.JS Workshop: Tracking errors and slowdowns across JS applications using Sentry

Join Simon Zhong, Sentry Sales Engineer, as he goes through setting up Sentry step-by-step to get visibility into our frontend and backend. Once integrated, he will track and triage errors + transactions surfaced by Sentry from our services to understand why/where/how errors and slowdowns occurred within our application code. This workshop took place live at DevOps.JS Conference on March 21, 2022.

Azure Spring Clean Stop Committing Your Secrets - by Dwayne McDaniel GitKraken

No one wants their keys and secrets on GitHub, but one bad push can mean you are suddenly exposed. Git and open source provide a way to automatically check for secrets on every commit! Dwayne McDaniel is the Developer Evangelist for GitKraken. This talk was released as part of Azure Spring Clean 2022 conference. Learn more about GitKraken's legendary tools for Git, including GitKraken Client, GitLens for VS Code, and Git Integration for Jira.

Node Congress Lightning Talk: Monitoring errors and slowdowns with a JS frontend and Node backend

We've got a JavaScript frontend hitting a Node (Express.js) backend. Join Chris Stavitsky in this quick 7-min demo as he goes through how to know which party is responsible for which error, what the impact is, and all the context needed to solve it. This lightning talk took place at Node Congress on Feb. 17, 2022.