Keynote by Bojan Simic, DEJ | AIOps Virtual Conference | CloudFabrix

The AI market is projected to reach a $3 trillion mark by 2024, and machine learning, which is a big part of AI, is the key driver of that growth. Machine learning can augment human understanding in processing large and complex datasets that are typical in IT operations. With rapid advancements in AI/ML technologies, enterprise leaders are beginning to take big bets on AI.

2021 swampUP Technical Announcements in Just 8 Minutes

swampUP is where JFrog reveals the following year's roadmap and direction. But if you don't have time to watch the whole keynote, take 8 minutes and see all about the world's first Private Distribution Network (PDN) and Binary Lifecycle Management solutions. Includes PDN, Signed Pipelines, Federated Repositories, third-party dependency scanning, Cold Artifact Storage and more. Drawn from the technical keynote at swampUP in May 2021.

Mark Shuttleworth Keynote at DockerCon 2021: Less toil, more focus

Running and maintaining standard workloads like databases and message queues on Kubernetes is too much toil! Charmed operators simplify those standard workloads, so you can focus on your own applications and their Docker images. See a demo of “apt-get mysql on K8s” and learn how these new operators are built and maintained in a community.