SOCstock 2020 | The Grooviest Event for Security Operations Professionals

Enjoy this sizzle reel recapping the inaugural SOCstock. Dubbed “the grooviest event for security operations,” SOCstock is a world-class virtual event featuring renowned and respected infosec speakers providing attendees with the very latest security operations trends, research and best practices. But it isn't just about what was happening on stage. SOCstock also features funky swag, far-out contests, talented entertainers and more (no mud involved).

Comprehensive Observability via Distributed Tracing | Global SKILup Festival

Microservices and containers have been paramount to building highly distributed and scalable applications. However, these complex architectures also present new challenges, especially for DevOps and Engineering teams. In this session, we will explore why observability is crucial for understanding these environments, and deep dive into tracing - the key component for achieving full visibility into applications. We will then review the different paths on how to build the right observability strategy for your business and how we at Epsagon solve these modern challenges.

Wales Emerging Tech Fest - Aled Miles Keynote

As organizations begin planning for a post-COVID world, technology will play a critical role in rebuilding our economies. In this 2021 Emerging Tech Fest plenary address, Aled Miles, president and CEO of Sauce Labs and Welsh Government Envoy to the US, sits down with numerous industry luminaries to discuss the importance of digital confidence and how emerging technologies can help create a more prosperous future.

Leveraging the Flow Framework for Vehicle Simulation at BMW China.NEXT

In this session from the 2020 Forrester Technology and Innovation Virtual Summit, Tasktop Founder and CEO, Dr. Mik Kersten, and BMW Senior IT Project Lead, Rene Te-Strote, present how BMW is leveraging Tasktop's value stream management solution to help with vehicle simulation at BMW China.NEXT.