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How Kubernetes is Transforming DevOps [DevOps Live 2023]

If your organization is using multiple containers to run apps, website front ends, or other microservices, then managing them all can start to get very tricky. As one of the fastest growing projects in open-source history, Kubernetes (or K8s) provides a highly effective way of managing microservices. Once you install Kubernetes, it handles operations, infrastructure and service health monitoring, meaning you can focus more on development, and less on the underlying tech.

Empowering DevOps: Simplifying Kubernetes with Platform Engineering | Civo TV

Dive into the world of platform engineering at KubeCon with Daniel Higuero, CTO at Napptive, where we discuss simplifying Kubernetes interactions, creating developer platforms with GitOps and security, and future trends, including observability and cost management.

Boosting Resilience with Chaos Engineering: Litmus 3.0 & Beyond | Civo TV

Prithvi Raj explores the world of chaos engineering and discusses its security, comparisons between open-source projects, and the latest Litmus 3.0 release. Discover how chaos engineering is not just about inducing failures, but also an essential aspect of building resilient systems across all stages of development.

Keynote with Steve Wozniak | Civo Navigate NA 2023

Kicking off Civo Navigate NA 2023, Mark Boost (CEO) and Dinesh Majrekar (CTO) had the chance to sit down on stage with Steve Wozniak and talk about the future of tech and his time at Apple. Woz also shared his thoughts on Tesla and Lucid Electric Cars, from past experiences he and his wife Janet Hill had, before moving on to talk about his time in college (both the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of California, Berkeley).

Dinesh, CTO of Civo KubeCon First Impressions & Civo Update | Civo TV

Listen to Dinesh, CTO of Civo, as he shares his first impressions of KubeCon and discusses Civo's mission to reimagine cloud-native services by offering fast and simple access to Kubernetes. Discover their new Kubeflow product for efficient machine learning workloads, their Managed Civo Stack, and the upcoming Civo Navigate conference.

Air-Gapped Kubernetes with D2iQ (AFCEA West 2023)

From secure air-gapped environments to ease of use John Sickle, President and General Manager of D2iQ Federal, shares some of the reasons why the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform works for our partners at the Department of Defense and in the military. We provide the support, training and military-grade security required to help our government partners quickly and easily get into production and complete the mission at hand.

ElasticON Global 2023 Keynote: What's Next? With Elastic CPO Ken Exner

Ken Exner, Chief Product Officer at Elastic shares where we've been and where we’re heading as a company during 2023 ElasticON Global. In this opening keynote, Ken highlights key innovation areas in our observability and security solutions, with a demo of ESQL, and closes off by sharing our current journey of building out a serverless offering.

"Avoiding Catastrophic Outages" | DeveloperWeek 2023

In this talk, Andrew Zigler (Developer Advocate at Mattermost) discusses root causes of catastrophic outage, and approaches to prevention using open source technologies you can deploy in less than a day. He'll talk through real-life case studies from manufacturing plants to global media companies to the world's largest banks and other mission-critical technical teams.