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Scoro Highlights: 2019 in Review [Infographic]

2019 was quite the year! For Scoro, it was all about making sure we’re offering the best quality service possible. That’s why we put all our effort into rolling out many great features and tons of updates to further improve the overall Scoro experience. Our team would like to thank you for choosing Scoro and being with us on this remarkable journey. We’re grateful to have you on board!


The 6 project management skills you need to have

What does it mean to be a great project manager? It’s not about qualifications or degrees (but those are good too, of course). It’s not even about simply delivering on the classic duties and responsibilities of a project manager (although obviously that’s a pretty big part of it). Those things are important. But being a really great project manager isn’t just about tasks, timings, and technical prowess.


Improve your sales workflow with the enhanced Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Projects integration

Optimize your sales workflow and make your team more efficient with the enhanced Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Projects integration. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the integration between Teamwork CRM and the other products in the Teamwork suite. Our aim is to help you to streamline how you work so you can spend less time switching between tabs and getting lost in general admin and more time on delivering the work that matters.


Everything you need to know about agile project management

When it comes to managing your work, there are dozens and dozens of project management methodologies to choose from. But as you begin your research into which methodology is right for you, you’re probably going to see one particular word show up over and over again: Agile. It seems to shimmer in your peripheral vision like some sort of project management mirage. Is it real? Can all the avowed benefits of agile project management really be true?

time doctor

16 Call Center Time Management Tips That Really Work

Time management has been engrained in our brains since we were young. Even when we were in grade school, we had specific times every day when we completed certain tasks, whether it be reading time, math time, lunchtime, or even nap time. Well now it’s a little different, but still essentially the same. Even though we may not have nap time every day (though I’m sure many people wished we did!), we still have certain tasks that need to be completed every day. - Using the Editor

A core part of every Product Manager’s job is to create the documentation that describes the user problem, the business opportunity and the solution design that drive the product development process. Exactly for this, we built the Craft editor - a powerful and unique tool that gives you the ability to write great product specs within the context you and your team needs