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Printer and PDF-friendly tickets, quicker ticket creation, and more!

One of our promises when launching Teamwork Desk 2.0 was that we would deliver features and enhancements faster than before — and we’re staying true to our word. Here’s an overview of some great new additions that will make you more efficient so you can continue to deliver exceptional support to your customers. All of the updates listed below are only available on Teamwork Desk 2.0, so to start trying them out, be sure to make the switch.


Optimize team resources with the new Float and Teamwork Projects integration

Get a visual representation of your team’s day-to-day workload using the new Float and Teamwork Projects integration, so you can manage resources effectively and allocate work evenly. With a calendar view of who’s working on which tasks, and how long they’re going to take, you get a bird’s eye view of your team’s workload.


Why you need a single source of truth in project management

Picture this scenario: You have three different teams working on their respective parts of the same project. Week after week, they report their progress to you — they’re on track, some of them even ahead of plan. “We’re nailing it,” you think to yourself. You report to your executives, and everyone’s ready to celebrate. Then, you do the final check-in with your three teams on the project, and you learn a painful truth: each team was on track.


Introducing the new Dashboard builder

In last week’s post, we introduced you to the new Home section and highlighted a few ways you can customize it to help you be more focused and productive. This week, we’re taking a closer look into our newly-designed Dashboard feature and how it can help your team. We’ll be rolling out the new Dashboard builder to all users from September 19th, but you can enable it sooner by going to your Settings and switching it on in the Beta program section.

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10 Outsourcing Statistics Every Organization Should Know

The business world is continually growing, competition is thriving, and it takes hard work and strategy to come out on top. One popular way organizations stay competitive in the business world is to outsource. Outsourcing is an exceptional way to find top talent at affordable rates. And, when you’re able to effectively tighten your purse strings, without suffering quality of work, why wouldn’t you outsource? However, there’s more to outsourcing than meets the eye.


Combat customer churn with the Teamwork and ChurnZero integrations

Take action at the right time to prevent your customers from churning by using the ChurnZero integration with both Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk. For many Customer Success teams, ChurnZero is the main operations hub where they can see in real-time things like customer account health, NPS score, their interaction and usage of your product, likelihood to renew and much more.


Send Slack messages straight to Scoro with Zapier's new Slack Trigger

We all know the feeling when someone sends you a message on Slack that clearly should have been a task at Scoro. It sits there, craving for your attention, and you have two options: to drop what you were working on and tackle the task right away or potentially forget it until you’re reminded of it.


Teamwork Projects: A deep dive into your New Home area

We recently announced that we will be rolling out our new Home area and Dashboards feature to all our customers from the 19th of September. (Don’t want to wait that long? You can enable it sooner by going to your Settings and switching it on in the Beta program section.) Today we’re going to look at how the new Home area makes it even easier to focus on the things that matter to you, helping you to be more effective, efficient, and productive.