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10 Best Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Software Solutions [2024]

Remote monitoring and management, or RMM in short, is software that is widely used by many managed services providers (MSPs) today, and for good reason. As its name suggests, an RMM allows your organization to remotely gather information from multiple endpoints and networks and perform various remote IT management tasks on them without disruption. The benefits of such a tool are priceless, especially as more and more teams become remote and distributed.

How Human Error Relates to Cybersecurity Risks

In the digital age, the threat of cybersecurity breaches looms larger than ever. Inadvertent actions, such as clicking on phishing links, falling victim to social engineering tactics, using weak passwords, or neglecting essential security practices, contribute significantly to cybersecurity risks. These actions create openings for cybercriminals to exploit, leading to unauthorized access and data breaches.

What Is WAF? Web Application Firewall Defined

The rapid evolution of technology has given rise to sophisticated cyber threats that can exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. Cybercriminals continually devise new methods to compromise data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. To counter these threats, organizations must adopt advanced security measures that go beyond traditional security protocols.

Server Management with Windows Admin Center

Windows server management is complex, and when your servers are running in different locations — on-premises, in a distributed network, in Azure, virtually, or in a hosted environment — it gets more complicated. You can simplify server management with Microsoft’s Windows Admin Center, which makes it easier to manage servers, wherever they are, from a single interface.

BYOD Security Guide: Top Threats & Best Practices

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy allowing employees to use their personal devices for work-related activities. It is an approach that promotes flexibility and efficiency and has gained widespread adoption in recent years. The BYOD policy framework outlines guidelines and rules governing the use of personal devices in a professional setting, and its significance lies in establishing boundaries that balance the benefits of flexibility with the need for security and data protection.

What is the Cost of SSO Software? SSO Pricing

Single sign-on (SSO) is an important security function for many business enterprises, especially with the rise of more cloud apps and services. Essentially, an SSO allows a user to log into a device only once with a single set of credentials to gain access to a variety of corporate apps, websites, and data.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures: What They Are, and Notable CVEs to Be Aware Of

As organizations and individuals rely more and more on technology for many aspects of their lives, the security of digital assets is of increasing concern. From personal data to critical infrastructure, the digital landscape is rife with potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors. Cybersecurity has become a mainstream imperative as breaches and cyber threats continue to escalate.

How to Set Up an Email Server for Your Business

Setting up a secure email server for your business ensures efficient communication and data security. Having your own email server gives you control over your email infrastructure and the ability to customize it to meet your specific needs. In this guide, we will go over each step when it comes to how to set up an email server for your business.

How to Use Microsoft Teams for Seamless Workplace Collaboration

Curious about how to use Microsoft Teams? Let this article guide you in finding efficient ways in increasing productivity and collaboration in the digital workspace. One of the top challenges of managing a remote team is facilitating good communication. With the rising number of remote and hybrid workers, your organization needs an effective way for employees to collaborate, no matter where they are located. One popular workplace collaboration solution is Microsoft Teams.