Solve UC Problems Before They Cost Money

Solve UC Problems Before They Cost Money

Mar 4, 2024

In this webinar, we discuss the high cost of UC&C application issues, and the impact these issues have on organizations. We'll be doing a deep dive of the amount of tickets organizations receive, the amount of time these tickets take to resolve, some real customer examples, the typical steps taken with and without Exoprise, and the ROI of real-user monitoring.

With how impactful UC issues and outages can be, its important to be proactive about identifying them. Learn how Exoprise CloudReady synthetics and Service Watch real-user monitoring help organizations get ahead of and sometimes entirely prevent user issues and complaints. All done from a single platform.

00:00:00 Start and Introductions
00:01:20 Solving UCaaS Webinar Agenda
00:01:51 Frequency and Resolution Times of UCaaS Tickets
00:02:56 Most Common Type of Service Requests
00:04:26 Real Customer Examples
00:05:59 Level 1 Troubleshooting Steps - Without Exoprise
00:07:08 Level 2 Troubleshooting Steps - Without Exoprise
00:07:48 Level 3 Troubleshooting Steps - Without Exoprise
00:09:15 Troubleshooting Steps - With Exoprise
00:10:35 CloudReady Overview
00:12:25 Service Watch Overview
00:13:27 Service Watch Active Test Overview
00:14:20 Proactive Alarms
00:15:30 Visualizations with Dashboards
00:16:45 Product Demonstration
00:17:00 Teams AV Sensor
00:17:50 Service Watch
00:19:08 Core Applications
00:19:25 Network Path Performance
00:20:35 Teams AV Dashboard
00:21:13 Zoom Dashboard
00:22:23 App Network Dashboard
00:23:25 Device Groups Dashboard
00:24:15 ROI of Real-User Monitoring
00:25:16 Exoprise Integrations

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