Introduction to Service Watch Active Test

Introduction to Service Watch Active Test

Jun 19, 2024

In this video we walk you through an overview of Service Watch Active Test as well as the configuration and deployment process. Service Watch Active Test is an advanced feature of Service Watch that allows for lightweight network tests to be executed through Service Watch.

The Active Test functionality includes a ping, web get, DNS lookup and VoIP test. These tests are excellent at early detection of network performance degradation and typically identify issues ahead of end users reporting them. This allows engineers to get ahead of issues and proactively communicate to their users that they may have a diminished experience and begin diagnosing the cause.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:14 The Benefits of Service Watch Active Test
00:00:40 Available Active Tests
00:01:10 Service Watch & Active Test Use Cases
00:01:40 Deploying Service Watch Active Test
00:02:09 Assigning Active Test Configuration to Service Watch
00:03:40 Configuring Service Watch and Active Test Alarms
00:04:20 Viewing Active Test Data
00:04:50 Actionable Alarms Dashboard
00:05:12 Outro

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