AI: Let's Get Real

The hype has gone off the charts for AI and machine learning tools' potential in IT organizations. It’s time to temper expectations and move towards a sensible adoption path. Artificial intelligence is not fairy dust sprinkled on a data center, despite the enthusiastic proclamations of many IT operations vendors today. A couple of years ago, AI was the bride atop the wedding cake. It was perfect, with promises to render obsolete errors and out-of-control performance issues.


What a Great Way to End 2019! IOWs, My Gartner IOCS Experience

My 2nd Gartner IOCS experience ended with a bang, just like my first one, with an amazing presentation by Jason Walker at Blizzard Entertainment (part of the $42B Activision-Blizzard gaming powerhouse) on how they use AIOps to deliver an amazing gaming experience for hundreds of millions of gamers around the world, 24×7. But before I get to that, let me share some more key takeaways from the conference.


Root Cause Analysis and the Road to Automated Remediation

No one wants to get paged in the middle of the night for an issue or failure within their infrastructure. When this does happen, IT operations engineers need to be able to quickly and confidently identify where the fire is and how to put it out to minimize negative impact. The root cause analysis (RCA) feature within LogicMonitor’s new AIOps Early Warning System makes this easier than ever.


Top 10 Bank Leverages Unravel's AIOps capabilities to tame fraud detection and compliance app performance failures

Unsurprisingly, Modern data apps have become crucial across all areas of the financial industry, with apps for fraud detection, claims processing and compliance amongst others playing a business critical role. Unravel has been deployed by several of the world’s largest financial services organizations to ensure these critical apps perform reliably at all times.

AIOps Transforms Customer Experience in Leading Industries

Learn how AIOps is helping transform customer experience in key industries including financial services, telecommunications and retail. Sudip Datta, head of AIOps products, shares the five imperatives for a successful AIOps implementation and discusses how leading organizations are using AIOps to improve operational efficiency, improve customer experience and speed innovation.

Why You Need to Change the Way You Think About AIOps: Whitepaper

In a rapidly changing environments, it is critical that organizations find and leverage a knowledge that baselines how the infrastructure and applications typically interact. Meeting this expectation is only possible in an application centric environment that embraces a data-driven automation, anywhere and everywhere, to transform and adapt operational models. Read this whitepaper to see how organizations are moving from the typical reactionary approach to a proactive paradigm that utilizes AIOps to monitor the performance and manage IT infrastructure.

The 3 Core AIOps Platform Capabilities, According to Gartner

There is a lot of activity in the AIOps vendor market today. With that activity can come a lot of noise and many varying approaches and points of view, and quite a few thought leaders have offered their thoughts on the potential value of AIOps solutions. (Here’s a great take from our own CTO: The Truth About AIOps.) But most IT practitioners starting projects today want to know how they can use AIOps to make their teams more productive in the near term.