The Future of DevOps

The paradigm shift happened fast. Nimble companies leveraged cloud to break down silos between operations and development and embraced agile development for faster cycle times to create strategic advantage. They merged teams of engineers across the application lifecycle from development and test to deployment and operations and created new roles requiring a range of skills not limited to a single function.


How to Evolve Your ITOM Strategy for Modern IT through 2024

Major changes are redefining how IT operations monitoring is done, and impacting tooling, processes and skills. But how exactly can IT Ops leaders ensure continuous service assurance of their critical digital services now and in the future? What’s the key to having the required visibility and control over these modern and complex IT environments that are increasingly hybrid, distributed, dynamic and modular?


APM's Evolution to AIOps

Application Performance Monitoring has been my career for 20 years. When our biggest customers have mission-critical production problems, I've been in the war rooms and on the midnight bridge calls, ensuring that teams are able to determine the root cause to fix the problem. I always questioned: why did I have to be on that call? Or get on a redeye to be at the client's doorstep the next morning? The answer is simple, application architectures are complex and only getting more complex overtime.


Top 3 Concerns of IT Admins Regarding AI Ops

March 16, 2020 AI Ops is about enabling developers, program managers, service engineers, website reliability engineers etc. to efficiently build as well as run online services or applications at scale with AI & ML techniques. AI Ops is expected to help improve service quality. customer satisfaction, enhance technology productivity, and reduce cost.

AIOps for Dummies

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, or AIOps, is very much in its infancy, and most IT Operations pros are still trying to figure out what it means. That's not to mention thinking about where to even start. Each chapter in this eBook provides a deeper understanding of AIOps with actionable steps to help you get started on the path to revolutionizing your IT Operations.

3 Things We Learned from EMA About AIOps and the Automation Handshake

AIOps is the trendy cool new kid on the block in the IT operations world. No doubt about it. However, with all the buzz surrounding AIOps, it’s easy to skip over some of the basics. How many IT operations professionals can clearly define what AIOps is? Beyond the baseline definition, why should you care? What about plugging it into your existing automation and analytics ecosystem?


OpsQ Recommend Mode: Building Trust When Machines Call The Shots

Learn about OpsQ Recommend Mode, a new feature delivering auto-suggestions for alert escalation policies with OpsRamp’s machine learning algorithms. Recommend Mode builds upon Observed Mode by enabling one-click automation of suggested actions for alert escalation management. You can follow two approaches to use OpsQ Recommend Mode: First-Response and Alert Escalation.