Exoprise Featured in Latest Forrester Now Tech: End-User Experience Management Report

Exoprise Featured in Latest Forrester Now Tech: End-User Experience Management Report

Waltham, MA – May 25, 2022 – Exoprise, a leading Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions provider, announced that the company has been featured as a monitoring vendor in The Forrester Now Tech: End-User Experience Management, Q2 2022 report. The Now Tech report focuses on the need for business IT leaders to employ end-user experience management (EUEM) solutions to reduce workplace technology-related disruptions, improve employee productivity, and measure employee experience from every endpoint location.

Forrester defines EUEM as “A set of client-side capabilities that helps operations pros manage the daily technology experience of employees by collecting and analyzing telemetry data from employee devices, apps, networks, identity, and user feedback. These agent-based solutions reside on the endpoint itself and help operations identify and proactively remediate degradation in technology experience.”

The Forrester report evaluated Exoprise according to fourteen different criteria with high scores in application monitoring, network and ISP monitoring, SaaS app monitoring, and synthetic testing. Based on the scores collected, Forrester’s research placed Exoprise in two different and suitable EUEM market segments (monitoring suite and specialist tool). Other vendors within the same category received only one segment.

“We are excited to be part of Forrester research, positioning us as a leading DEM solution for today’s distributed workforce,” said Exoprise CEO Jason Lieblich. “Modern companies are becoming borderless, making it difficult for IT to monitor the digital experience of employees without any visibility into endpoint, application, and network performance. Only Exoprise’s Better Together Synthetics and RUM solution increases employee productivity and manages a superior digital experience through full visibility into remote collaboration, cloud app migration, and complex networking.”

Exoprise Network DEM solutions include:

  1. Deep Network Tracing and Remote Collaboration Telemetry – IT monitors low-level UDP connection and endpoint performance when users engage with collaboration apps in any network.
  2. Latency and Packet Loss Detection – Exoprise Service Watch real user monitoring (RUM) collects latency, jitter, and response time for network applications such as Teams, Zoom, and WebEx.
  3. Hop-by-hop Diagnosis for Streaming Apps – Visualize hop-by-hop packet flow from any endpoint, whether home or a corporate LAN, and pinpoint networking issues.
  4. Predict Networking Issues Before They Happen – Gather observability, monitoring, and crowd-sourced data to predict user experience problems before they occur.
  5. Proactive Outage Detection – Get visibility beyond the endpoint. Exoprise detects service outages in real-time and flags issues outside IT’s control.
  6. Optimize Third-Party Cloud Service – Whether your company uses Microsoft 365 or internal SaaS apps, Exoprise monitor all synthetic transactions to optimize application delivery.

The report importantly includes Exoprise customer, BCD Travel, which monitors employee experiences with Microsoft 365 and Teams in all regions, enabling complete coverage and maximizing productivity.

“Due to Covid, our IT model has shifted from primarily supporting call center operations to supporting a significantly larger virtual environment. That was when we became interested in better measuring digital experiences from the end user’s perspective. Synthetic sensors in our central data centers collect performance data on Microsoft 365, but we wanted an even more complete picture. Together with a real user monitoring on-demand solution, we can better understand the issues of our users at any geographic location,” said Kevin Santos, Senior Director of IT, Network Operation Center, BCD Travel.

Read more in the latest Exoprise whitepaper about the combination of RUM and synthetics to ensure the best digital employee experience for streaming, collaboration, and VoIP apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WebEx. Better Together: Combine Real User Monitoring with Synthetics

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