Troubleshooting Salesforce with Exoprise

Troubleshooting Salesforce with Exoprise

Aug 14, 2023

In this tutorial video, we'll be walking you through troubleshooting end user experience issues with Salesforce utilizing Exoprise CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch.

With how Important salesforce is to organizations using it, it is critical to ensure its uptime and availability. Salesforce issues are extremely costly due to potential revenue loss, the cost of downtime for both customers and internal users, customer dissatisfaction, and many other impacts.

With how often changes are made to Salesforce such as migrations and upgrades or even new products such as Salesforce Lightning and Hyperforce, having the right tools in place is critical for monitoring and benchmarking. Our CloudReady synthetics will test the Salesforce services and infrastructure 24x7 and by combining them with Service Watch you'll have all of the visibility you need to ensure the end users are having an optimal experience as well as speed up time to resolution when troubleshooting issues affecting them.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:10 The Cost of Salesforce Issues
00:00:40 Diagnosing Salesforce Issues
00:01:48 CloudReady Salesforce Sensors
00:02:20 Salesforce Sensor Metrics
00:02:53 Comparing to the Crowd
00:03:15 Using Service Watch to Troubleshoot
00:03:55 Using Service Watch Browser to Troubleshoot
00:04:25 Network Path Performance, Errors, and Data Point Details
00:05:00 Service Watch Browser Transactions, Users, and Domains
00:05:30 Custom Salesforce Dashboard
00:05:55 Device User Search Widget
00:06:23 Outro

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