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To Shift Right, You Need Observability

I recently attended Sapphire Ventures' Hypergrowth Engineering Summit (thank you David Carter and Sapphire for the invitation! I wrote a separate blog post on the whole thing), and one of the sessions was a panel discussion with Rob Zuber, CTO at CircleCI and Jonathan Nolen, SVP of Engineering and Product at LaunchDarkly. The session was illuminating: they talked about how in this world of everyone shifting left, teams should actually consider shifting right.

Scaling Engineering Teams: Perspective from our VP of Engineering

At Catchpoint, my role can be summarized at a high level as two halves: designing and taking care of Engineering teams – and working with those teams to design and take care of the various distributed systems that run our platform. I recently attended Sapphire Ventures' Hypergrowth Engineering Summit (thank you David Carter and Sapphire for the invitation!) where the sessions focused on creating and scaling high functioning engineering.

Monitorama 2022 - A Q&A with Mehdi Daoudi

This year's Monitorama is quickly approaching. This year, the event is hosted in Portland, Oregon, from June 27 to 29th. It features talks from industry experts and community leaders on all things monitoring, observability, SLI/SLO, and most importantly, what practitioners are doing (not vendors and providers).

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Survey Now Open for 2022 - Calling All Reliability Practitioners and Leaders

In its fifth year, Catchpoint sponsors The SRE Survey, in partnership with Blameless, to uncover new trends and challenges for teams focused on advancing the reliability of digital products.

Recapping SLOconf 2022: SLOs are for everyone!

Did you get to attend the excellent SLOconf last month? With four different tracks and over 60 talks - covering everything from defining an SLO to the financial framing of error budgets, you, like us, may have missed a couple of things. In this handy recap, we take you through some of the juiciest sessions and point you to a few you may have overlooked. Luckily, SLOconf 2022 was designed for while-you’re-working participation and all the talks are still available.

Calling all Reliability Practitioners: Participate in the 2022 SRE Survey

For the past four years, Catchpoint and various partners have been running a yearly SRE Survey. This year, Blameless is excited to partner with Catchpoint for the fifth annual survey. We want to hear from you if you are in a DevOps or SRE role or even if you work on reliability with some other title or role. There are tremendous, valuable learnings when we listen closely to practitioners.

Catchpoint Insights: Capturing multi-dimensional data for more insightful performance data analysis

Metrics, metrics everywhere... a gauge here, a counter there... milliseconds, percentages... a list of variables running into pages... what is fast, what is slow...? how on earth is one to know...? Catchpoint’s Insights feature offers the opportunity for our customers to gather insightful performance data for rich analysis. In this blog, we’ll break down some examples and discuss why it matters.

Introducing Opportunities & Experiments on WebPageTest: Take the Guesswork out of Performance

As many of you will know, Catchpoint and WebPageTest joined forces 18 months ago with the goal of building stronger alignment across the IT org to ensure performance issues can be caught in QA, staging and development, not just once new features are released to production.

The Hybrid Workplace Requires a New Approach to SaaS Observability

Since we were first parachuted into distributed work in 2020, most companies have now adopted a sustained hybrid workplace. According to a recent Gallup survey, there’s no reason to expect this to change anytime soon. Meanwhile, the last couple of years have simultaneously seen an explosion in the use of SaaS. In fact, 2020 was the first year in which the cloud market became larger than the non-cloud market, and SaaS was the leading cause of this.