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Predictions 2022: OpsRamp Technology Leaders Sound Off on What to Expect in the New Year

2021 brought us widespread COVID vaccines, the Great Resignation, global supply chain disruption, inflation that went from transitory to persistent, accelerated digital transformation in the wake of the pandemic, an attempt at a return to normalcy—and the office—and plenty of uncertainty for the year ahead, thanks to the Delta and Omicron variants.

What do Top-Performing IT Organizations do Differently Than the Rest of Us?

The whole point of monitoring and managing your IT services is to ensure that they’re able to keep business services available and responsive to customer demands. But how do you actually quantify the return on investment you get from your IT performance management solutions? Digital Enterprise Journal set out to answer that question in its new research study, The Total Business Impact of IT Performance.

OpsRamp, TietoEVRY Partner to Speed AIOps Adoption in Nordics

Managed service providers have to manage complex and diverse customer environments that typically include hybrid infrastructure and multiple monitoring feeds. They need to be able to discover and monitor these environments, correlate alerts from multiple systems into single events, and map business services to the infrastructure and application services that support them, building customer-centric dashboards for real-time service and application health in the process.

How to Retain Customers on your SaaS Platform: Four Key Techniques

New customer logos may be the lifeblood of top-line revenue growth and the focus of sales and marketing teams. But renewals have emerged in the last few years as a key growth driver for SaaS companies. A recent McKinsey study indicated that existing customers can drive between a third and a half of new revenue growth, even at startups. And we’ve all seen the data that says new customer acquisition costs 5X as much as customer retention.

Legacy Vendors Beware: OpsRamp Aims to Transform Cloud Operations with New Self-Service Solution

The company is disrupting the age-old approach of selecting and deploying IT operations management software, which for years has required heavy proofs of concept and long buying cycles, with a solution that allows IT operators to sign up and begin monitoring cloud environments in a matter of minutes.