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ServiceNow deepens commitment to hybrid work with new wayfinding technology

Companies shifting to permanent hybrid work environments are up against major challenges, including additional investment in new physical experiences for employees. This is complex and expensive. It involves bringing together systems, technology, and teams that have historically been siloed. But with every challenge comes an incredible opportunity to make work better.

Survey: Cybersecurity requires risk-based management approach

We’ve entered a new era of cyber risk where cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue, according to findings from a May 2022 ThoughtLab global survey co-sponsored by ServiceNow. Although cyberattacks and breaches are increasing, many organizations are unprepared to respond. The problems come down to three main areas.

Automating the employee offboarding experience

For the past year, the unprecedented movement of workers leaving jobs and switching career paths (aka the Great Reshuffle), has been top of mind for most organizations. Although losing talent is largely inevitable and a natural part of any company’s ongoing evolution, many organizations are recognizing the velocity of employee exits as one of the greatest risks they face today. To assess your organization’s risk, answer these questions.

What comes first: ITAM or configuration management?

IT asset management (ITAM) and configuration management are critical for IT modernization initiatives. Although both strategies provide guidance for tracking IT assets, their objectives are quite different. ITAM is about managing IT assets from a cost, risk, and value perspective. Configuration management tracks IT assets from an operational and support perspective.

Singapore Airlines embraces digitalization to soar to new heights

Few industries have been more affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than travel. Singapore Airlines (SIA) faced a more difficult situation than most airlines given the lack of a domestic market in the geographically small nation-state. A robust digitalization push in the years leading up to the pandemic softened the worst effects and allowed the airline to quickly pivot.

ServiceNow launches 3 innovations to help improve customer efficiency

At ServiceNow, we’re continually innovating to help make work better for everyone. I’m excited to announce the launch of three new Now Platform® solutions to help enterprises advance their digital transformation efforts. These solutions include new features to unlock productivity, low-code governance, and innovation for the new world of work.

Connecting people to our purpose

We have a saying at ServiceNow that the world’s biggest challenges are our biggest opportunities. Our purpose is to make the world work better for everyone — from the daily conveniences we’ve come to expect, to the larger-than-life experiences we’ll never forget. There are infinite ways we can help solve the world’s toughest business challenges, and we want to celebrate all of them. That’s why we’re unveiling the next phase of our brand evolution.

4 customer stories that can help your business work better

At ServiceNow, customers have been our passion from the start. “The original founders of the company, beginning with Fred , always had the customer as the first, second, and third priority,” says CEO Bill McDermott. That passion drives us to work tirelessly to innovate on behalf of customers and help solve their business challenges. Good news travels fast. When our customers find better, easier ways to work, they want to share the experiences with others.

Microsoft implements Predictive Intelligence to modernize support

Creating a seamless digital support experience can make employees, service desk agents, and businesses more successful. Automating mundane, time-consuming tasks, such as triaging incidents and shifting to a proactive support model offers numerous benefits: That’s why ServiceNow and Microsoft entered a strategic partnership to help mutual customers accelerate digital transformation, create great experiences, and unlock productivity, including leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

Reimagining training and certification: A customer zero story

Activity on Now Learning, ServiceNow’s learning platform for training and certification, is on the rise. Total logins rose 25% between 2020 and 2021, and on-demand course completion increased 43%. As ServiceNow revenue continues to grow at 30% per year, the demand for skilled administrators, developers, and architects is rapidly increasing.