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4 Ways To Balance Under And Over-Communication As A Remote Work Manager

As employees around the world settle into the nuances of remote and hybrid work models, companies are starting to plan for the next era of distributed communication and collaboration. How do you offer structure and independence at the same time? How do you open up offices for some employees who are craving the space while still supporting employees who are working from home?

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The 8 Essential Entrepreneurial Skills You Need to Run an All-Remote Business

Throughout 2020, businesses scrambled to find ways to adapt their operations to accommodate all-remote workforces. For the most part, their efforts paid off. Studies have subsequently shown that the abrupt shift had a negligible effect on productivity. That new reality has changed the dynamics in the business world surrounding remote work. As a result, it’s beginning to look like some of the pandemic-driven changes will become permanent.


How to View Office 365 Service Health in CloudReady?

In today’s modern IT world, enterprises are looking to not only streamline their global monitoring operations but also facilitate access to reporting capabilities that provide insight into usage, uptime, and availability of SaaS services. Covid disrupted the work culture and our daily lives. With so many of us working from home, IT leaders and executives are now more than ever interested in ensuring that the cloud services their team relies on are available.

How to Make Your Zoom Meetings More Secure

During the first months of the last year, Zoom was a little known video conferencing platform with a few million users. However, the spread of Coronavirus across the globe forced businesses and organizations to make changes in their working models. Among them was adopting remote working practices, fostered by several communication and collaboration tools. This is where Zoom's popularity surged, with remote workers using the tool to conduct virtual meetings. However, the explosive popularity of Zoom created several cybersecurity ramifications. The unexpected growth exposed the platform to various security faults, vulnerabilities, and hackers. That said, below are some of the best practices to keep your Zoom meetings secure.

Remote Employees: How to Manage Insider Risks

In 2020, remote work became not just a trend but a must for many companies. Yet ensuring secure telecommuting turned out to be a challenge for cybersecurity teams: Remote employees tend to use insecure tools, work in unprotected environments, and mismanage sensitive data. All of this increases the risk of insider threats. In this article, we take a close look at the challenges remote employees bring and the risks they can pose to your organization.

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Microsoft Teams Optimization for a Remote Workforce

Microsoft Teams is everywhere. Not surprisingly, during the pandemic, the number of daily active users for Teams increased to 75 million in 2020. More and more people are WFH and companies are becoming virtual. Personal meetings are fading now, and Teams poises to become the next best collaboration tool. According to a Riverbed study, 64% of US employees are now working from home because of the Covid pandemic. In turn, Microsoft Teams optimization has become a critical topic for Operations and Network personnel.

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The 6 Types of Remote Workers You Will Encounter In Your Remote Team

Changes that occurred during 2020 cast a completely different light on remote workers. Suddenly, remote work became a reality for all of us. It was like an experiment for everyone to see how we could function in different environments, yet creating a unique ecosystem. Some of us decided it is great to work in a more familiar environment. Some of us decided to put the pro into ‘’procrastination’’.


6 Tech Tools to Streamline Your Remote Workflow

‍ Thrust into the unfamiliarity of remote work, a huge number of industries around the globe have had to adapt to life away from the office. COVID-19 has prompted a surge in remote work like we have never seen before, with much of the American workforce being left with no choice but to work from home. In fact, the pandemic has ensured that tech priorities shifted for 95% of companies.


Contact Centers Take On Remote Employee Management Challenges

It has been nearly a year since COVID-19 hit the Western world, bringing most of our in-person interactions to a grinding halt. As face-to-face commerce became far less tenable at the old brick-and-mortars, more of our businesses moved to the virtual. With companies no longer able to greet their customers with a smile, the responsibility for maintaining relationships with customers shifted increasingly over to the contact centers.