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From Rage to Sage: Practical Steps to Achieving Windows Patching Zen

Force-close your Windows update-induced frustrations and boot up a fresh new era of patch management enlightenment. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to master: Bring your most confounding questions and frustrations and join us for a wisdom-packed session that's sure to help you bring peace to your environment.

IT, End Users, and AI Navigating the New Love Hate Triangle of Support

AI is unquestionably the trendy new heartthrob in town, but as more business leaders get swept up in googly-AI-ed fantasies, is it putting real-life employee relationships at risk? Join us for a Valentine's Day webinar where we'll tackle the hottest questions in IT.

TeamLogic IT Future-Proofs its Business by Managing 100,000+ Endpoints with NinjaOne

TeamLogic IT helps companies minimize downtime, improve productivity and secure their IT infrastructure. In a strategic decision to scale and future-proof its enterprise for years to come, TeamLogic IT selects NinjaOne to remotely monitor and manage 100,000+ endpoints across the country.

IT Festivus 2023: A Festivus for the Admins of Us

It's that time of year again — YOUR time of year. Time to gather round the virtual fire and bask in the warm company of your favorite IT experts and peers. Time to regale us with your greatest feats of IT strength, and — as is tradition — time to get those grievances you've been harboring all year finally off your chest. Serenity now. It's time for IT Festivus, baby!

Managing Disasters: Exploring RPO & RTO Configurations for Seamless Recovery

Backing up your data is only half the battle. Data recovery is the other half. When a disaster strikes, organizations need to get their systems up and running quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime. Join Dan Myers, Backup Product Manager, and Nick DeStefano, Backup Product Marketing Manager as they walk through how to seamlessly recover from a disaster – like a ransomware attack – while focusing on meeting restore point and restore time objectives within your backup solution.