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How to consolidate your incident response stack with PagerDuty

PagerDuty helps organizations manage the entire incident lifecycle to respond faster and more effectively while reducing costs. Move from manual, reactive incident management to an automated, proactive approach, making the incident response process more efficient and resilient.

First PagerDuty Plugin for Backstage Community Meetup

Watch the first virtual meetup for the PagerDuty plugin for Backstage. This informal gathering is for plugin users and contributors. Learn why PagerDuty continues to invest in this open-source project, which aims to solve significant challenges for software development and engineering teams. Developer Advocate and project maintainer Tiago Barbosa presents success metrics, reviews the work accomplished so far, and discusses the future feature roadmap openly.

PagerDuty Community Live Demo Webinar: Mastering Change Events for Proactive Incident Management

Developer Advocate Mandi Walls and Solutions Consultant Taz Ishraque explore the power of Change Events in the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. Watch and learn: How PagerDuty's Change Events API and integrations streamline the transmission of critical updates How Change Correlations enhance incident triage How to accelerate incident resolutions, reduce context switching and help teams focus on innovative work instead of firefighting.

The Unplanned Show, Episode 32: Platform Engineering with Paula Kennedy

Supporting developer velocity AND operational efficiency, stability, and security doesn't happen by accident. In this episode, Dormain will sit down with Paula Kennedy to discuss how platform engineering supports businesses go faster, decrease risk, and increase efficiency.