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Introducing Squadcast's Global Event Rulesets | Incident Management | Squadcast

With video will give you a walkthrough of Squadcast's new feature 'Global Event Rulesets' that helps you simplify alert Routing and boost efficiency Global Event Rulesets enable you to manage alert routing across services and automate actions based on predefined global event rulesets.

Webinar: Streamlining Incident Management With Automation and Contextual Awareness

In the modern context of distributed teams & complex digital infrastructure, major incidents having a negative impact spanning multiple teams and services can cause a barrage of alerts. While a meticulously designed incident response strategy can aid in restoring order, it's essential to underscore the significance of providing responders with effective tools that offer contextual understanding and facilitate the identification of actionable alerts.

Introducing Past Incident Feature | Incident Context and History | Squadcast

Introducing Squadcast's Past Incidents feature which helps incident responders by presenting them with past incidents related to the same service. It employs data science techniques to match and display a historical list of similar incidents from the same service you are currently investigating. This aids in expediting issue resolution by offering valuable insights, such as historical context, prior incident details, timing patterns, and past solutions.

Unified Incident Management: Merits of Combined On-Call and Incident Response | Squadcast

In this session, we explore the crucial aspects of effective on-call management and incident response in product organizations. Squadcast combines On-Call and Incident Response into a single platform using automation capabilities for enhanced reliability, continuous learning, and better productivity. 🔍 Timestamps.

SLO Driven Incident Response: Service Level Objectives for Effective Incident Management | Squadcast

In today's tech-driven landscape, effective Incident Management is vital for seamless service and customer satisfaction. This webinar explores ways to uncover the role of Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in structuring incident response processes while acting as a compass, guiding incident prioritization and resolution to minimize customer impact and downtime. The webinar will help you demystify SLOs, their data-driven role in incident decision-making, and how to prioritize incidents to lessen customer impact by identifying critical incidents.

How to use Key-Based Deduplication in Squadcast | Deduplication Rules | Squadcast

Key Based Deduplication is an efficient way to avoid duplicate entries when processing incoming Events alongside existing Incidents. It generates a Deduplication Key using a user-defined template specific to events from an Alert Source. This key helps identify and group duplicates. This video explains how does Key Based Deduplication work and how to set it up effectively.

Squadcast Named Category Leader in IT Alerting by G2 | Squadcast

🚀Squadcast has been recognized by G2 as a Category Leader in the IT Alerting category! Backed by immense customer love, advanced features, and the highest possible scores 💯— Squadcast has made it to the Leader Quadrant! This video offers all the related updates!

Squadcast's Improved Slack (V2) Integration | Better Collaboration & Incident Management | Squadcast

This video will give you an overview of the latest improvements supported by the Squadcast-Slack integration, which we hope will help in better collaboration and Incident Management.