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Best 7 Free Network Monitoring Tools

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Better safe than sorry”? That’s the mentality you should have when considering your organization’s network. From performance optimization to data management, you should have eyes on every single aspect of your IT infrastructure to keep it running as smoothly as possible. Here are seven free network monitoring solutions that give you the tools to optimize your network environment and support your operational needs.

Using AI and Automation to Enrich the Employee Service Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming integral in the tech landscape, transforming virtual assistants and self-remediating software to enhance user experiences and propel IT automation in the workplace. Most of the tech workforce embraces AI, recognizing the potential advancements and business improvements it brings. In the workplace, smart technology aims to support and elevate the employee experience, not to replace human workers.

What Is Network Observability? - 5 Best Platforms for Observability

In today’s world, every business relies on its network infrastructure to achieve its goals. It’s, therefore, critical to monitor your network infrastructure and be aware of how efficient it is. You can achieve this through network observability. What Is Network Observability? The 3 Key Factors of Network Observability Benefits of Network Observability Observability vs.

Sending Go Application Logs to Loggly

If you’ve been building web apps long enough, you’ve certainly read through your fair share of logs. One of the more painful parts of going through web app logs is getting them all to the same place. It’s only then you can review your logs and troubleshoot your applications. In this article, we’ll build a simple Go web app to send logs to SolarWinds® Loggly®.

Debugging 5 Common Networking Problems With Full Stack Logging

Infrastructure is a complex and difficult concept for developers. When an issue occurs, where do you even begin to look? I’ve spent years of my life playing the “What looks like one but not like the other” game, wrestling with confirmation bias and hunting through haystacks of logs to find a clue to my hosted applications. This takes away from time spent improving my applications—and it isn’t fun.