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Shay Banon to (re)assume the role of CTO, Ash Kulkarni promoted to CEO

Today we had an exciting announcement at Elastic. Below is part of an internal email that we shared with our fellow Elasticians. First, hear from Shay: Almost two years ago, I decided to move to Israel because it was better for my family (that took time to happen, Covid!). At that time, I started thinking about how to do what is right for my family while being able to be a meaningful part of Elastic. Those of you who know me, know that Elastic is my life’s work. And we have only just begun.

5 needle movers in public sector data strategy for 2022

As we kick off a new year, so does new and refreshed thinking in the public sector. With another full year of lessons learned from the pandemic, public sector leaders will apply these insights in the way they execute their documented data strategies. Synthesizing what we see and hear from our stakeholders, below are five of the needle movers we see in public sector data strategy execution.

Gain the upper hand over adversaries with Osquery and Elastic

With the Elastic 7.16 release, Osquery Manager is now generally available for Elastic Agent, making it easier than ever to deploy and run Osquery across your environments. By collecting Osquery data and combining it with the power of the Elastic Stack, you can greatly expand your endpoint telemetry, enabling enhanced detection and investigation, and improved hunting for vulnerabilities and anomalous activities.

How search enables role-based data classification and sharing across the government

Government data strategies lay a promising groundwork for how data will be used to drive more informed decision making internally and more streamlined public services externally. A commonality between these strategies is the need for improved role-based data sharing and data re-use. The sticking point, however, is in the way to implement data sharing when there are known silos across and within various departments.

Elastic Observability 7.16: Ad hoc analytics and CI/CD pipeline visibility

Elastic Observability 7.16 introduces curated data exploration views for ad hoc analysis and further extends visibility into complex and distributed systems with the general availability (GA) of dozens of prebuilt Elastic Agent data integrations, observability tooling for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and a new native data source integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) FireLens. These new features allow customers to.

Monitoring Elastic Enterprise Search performance using Elastic APM

Elastic APM is a free, open and powerful observability tool that provides intelligence into application performance for a myriad of production applications (e.g., throughput, error rates, latency, resource usage, transaction traces). You can now enable Elastic APM integration to gain deep insight into the performance behaviors of your Elastic Enterprise Search deployment!

Embracing invokedynamic to tame class loaders in Java agents

One of the nicest things about Byte Buddy is that it allows you to write a Java agent without manually having to deal with byte code. To instrument a method, agent authors can simply write the code they want to inject in pure Java. This makes writing Java agents much more accessible and avoids complicated on-boarding requirements.

How to increase website engagement with search

The search experience on your website is often the key driver of visitor satisfaction. Even on well-designed, well-organized websites, visitors frequently resort to search to find the exact products, services, content, and information they need. In fact, many visitors go immediately to the search box. The quality of search results they get back, and the ease with which they can customize and filter those results, can play an outsized role in engagement, conversion, and customer loyalty.