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Introducing IP Safelist for our API access

At Rollbar, we understand that security is not just a feature but a cornerstone of modern enterprise operations. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing robust security solutions, we are excited to announce the expansion of our security controls by introducing IP Safelist for our API access. This new feature extends the advanced security options available in our Enterprise packages.

New Source Map Error Workflow

We're excited to unveil the latest enhancements to Rollbar’s Source Map handling. This new feature, directly influenced by user feedback, simplifies your debugging experience, making Source Mapping more intuitive and user-friendly. Source Map issues are a frequent concern, ranking among the top five monthly support requests. We recognize the challenges you face when dealing with errors that don't make sense due to Source Mapping configuration issues.

Rollbar Alternatives: Compare Before You Commit

Rollbar is acclaimed as the top error monitoring tool - with 4.5 out of 5 stars on both Capterra and G2 - amongst a competitive field. That said, we recognize there are alternatives some people consider when also looking at us. Here is our perspective on what these other tools are for, and when to choose Rollbar instead.

Team Assignment

Assign items to teams as well as individual owners! We’re excited to announce a new feature for Advanced and Enterprise customers - the ability to set a team as the owner of an item. Previously, Rollbar has only allowed users to assign a specific team member as the owner of an item. However, recognizing the need for flexibility in ownership, especially in collaborative environments, we now allow a team to be set as the owner of an item.

Mobile iOS Error Simulator

Ready to explore Rollbar without the coding hassle? The Rollbar Error Simulator iOS app is the ultimate solution for carefree error testing, designed for users without coding experience. Seamlessly connecting to your Rollbar account, this user-friendly app lets you simulate errors effortlessly with just a single tap on a button. No technical expertise is needed! Just create a new account, opt for the Error Simulator experience, and you'll be guided.

Query Smarter, Not Harder

We're excited to share an update to our Analyze package—introducing the RQL AI Assistant, a natural language AI assistant to help you write your RQL queries. If you've ever been frustrated by the complexity of Rollbar Query Language (RQL) or the time it takes to get your data, this feature is the solution you've been waiting for. We understand working with the RQL has been a steep learning curve for many.

Introducing Item Snooze

We are introducing a new Snooze option for items. When Snoozing an item, the user will define how long an item will stop sending notifications for - once that time period expires then the item will return to normal and begin sending notifications again. Currently, setting an Item to have a status of Muted prevents notifications from being sent until somebody changes the status back to Active.