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Proudly announcing Platform.sh's participation in the Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

As individuals become increasingly conscious of their personal data and how it is used, compliance with data protection regulations is a top priority for organizations worldwide. However, a challenge arose with cross-border transfers of personal data between the EU and the US following the Schrems II ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union, leading to the creation of a new privacy framework.

Zurich, a new low-carbon-powered public region, now available on Platform.sh

The new Platform.sh Swiss public region empowers organizations to meet sustainability, data localization, and compliance requirements in the Zurich Google Cloud region. Our new public region has been launched in response to increasing demand from Swiss businesses—and those with an international footprint doing business in Switzerland—that need to ensure their data is held locally.

Simple. Streamlined. Secure. Effortless user management has arrived with Teams

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of an easier way to collaborate on projects? Tired of individually managing users across multiple projects? Or perhaps you long for the day when auditing user access across your organization can be done in a flash? Well, you’re in luck!

We can't wait for SBOMs to be demanded by regulation

Old ads can be startling—cigarette ads used to boast their health-giving properties, sugar-laden candy was once advertised as a dietary aid, and soft drinks were advertised as a milk alternative for babies. None of this would fly today, of course, thanks to regulations. Foods must be advertised more responsibly, and they must list their ingredients clearly on the packaging, especially allergens.

A festive treat: PHP 8.3 is already available on Platform.sh

Just like the feeling you get when you hear the first notes of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" signaling the arrival of the festive season, PHP developers can also rejoice in the release of a special gift this month—PHP 8.3. As many of you may already know, a few days ago PHP 8.3 was released and after some testing, it’s now ready to use on all Platform.sh projects.

How software company security priorities are changing

The cyberthreat landscape continues to change along with technological advancements. Industry thought leaders expect to see changes in software companies’ approach to security and the defenses they put in place to protect their businesses and their users. Here are five of developers’ cybersecurity priorities for 2023 and predictions for how software companies will adapt their processes to address them.

International data protection with EU-entities of US-headquartered IaaS providers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a legal mandate across the EU, requires enhanced protection for EU personal data transferred to countries with inadequate levels of data protection safeguards—including the US. The EU-US Privacy Shield, which was in place until 2020, facilitated these protections but was invalidated by the Schrems II ruling as a result of US surveillance concerns.

Enterprise Hosting: A solution for the ever-changing digital world

Having your websites and apps run smoothly at all times is crucial to the success of your brand, and having something go wrong can be catastrophic. But getting bogged down in all of the things that go into setting up and managing them is time-consuming and complicated—especially if your tech team's capabilities are on the lighter side. With an enterprise hosting solution, everything is handled for you. You get infrastructure, management, security, scaling, and more all rolled into one.

Building a trust-centric culture for success

What’s important when building a new business? A good idea is vital, obviously, plus the right people, hard work, experienced investors, and so on. Building trust is important, but probably far down the list. It’s not that trust isn’t important, it’s just likely to be put aside while working on tasks that are perceived as more time-sensitive or of a higher priority, especially those which directly and noticeably impact the bottom line.